Four Arrested for Selling Cannabis from CBD Shops in Croydon

20th August 2020
By Roland Sebestyén

Police officers seized a large quantity of cannabis, nitrous oxide canisters and £20,000 in cash following a raid at three CBD shops yesterday.

According to a statement from Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), three warrants have been carried out in the area following officers were given information on cannabis users purchase weed from local CBD shops.

As a result, four people have been arrested on the scenes. They were detained on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of a class B drug and importation of a class B drug.

The MPS said officers were able to recover items including £20,000 in cash, 63,000 nitrous oxide canisters and even magic mushrooms. Magic mushroom, under the UK law, is considered to be a class A drug.

One of them also had a Bitcoin ATM in their shop. Two more people were arrested after search warrants had been carried out in residential properties.

All six have since been released under investigation pending further enquiries.

The statement also claimed the culprits had tried to exploit a loophole as they believed it was legal to sell products which contain up to 0.2 per cent THC.

However, the UK law states that 0.2 per cent THC can only be imported for medicinal purposes and can only be supplied by a specifically licensed pharmacy to someone with a prescription.

Police Constable Ross Bennett, the investigating officer from the South Area Basic Command Unit, said:

“These warrants have resulted in a large number of illegal drugs being taken off the streets of London as well as cash believed to have been gained through nefarious means.

“Unless you are a specifically licensed pharmacy, you cannot legally sell or supply cannabis or THC products regardless of what percentage content it has.

“Likewise, it is also not a defence to tell officers that you thought your cannabis was legal because you bought it from a CBD shop. It is a class B drug, and you will be dealt with in accordingly.

“The evidence gathered during these warrants suggest that these shops are part of a larger organised crime network and are also being used for money laundering purposes.”

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Roland Sebestyén
Roland Sebestyen is a Hungarian journalist with over six years experience in the field. He has worked for some of the most popular, independent national newspapers in his country. In 2019 he moved to Sheffield to study on the NCTJ-accredited MA journalism course at the University of Sheffield. Roland is now a news and feature writer for Canex.

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