Free Cannabis Eligibility Consultations at Sapphire Medical Clinics

7th May 2020

Despite the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK in 2018, accessing the products can be a journey full of confusing barriers and restrictions. In a still relatively new area of formal medicine, medical cannabis remains far from widely available in the UK.

However, with the number of medical cannabis clinics, slowly but surely, on the rise, some are working to provide increased services to make access more straightforward. Sapphire Medical Clinics is aiming to give all patients and carers the guidance they need to successfully access the medicine that is right for them – whether that turns out to be medical cannabis, or not.

Through the launch of free eligibility consultations, Sapphire Medical Clinics can support patients through referral, appointment, and treatment process. Accessing medical cannabis can be daunting and complicated, so specialist guidance can be invaluable for vulnerable patients.

Free telephone consultations help to give patients the confidence and guidance they need in accessing medical cannabis. Consultations allow a specialist member of the clinical team to assess whether patients may be eligible for treatment against current UK medical guidelines.

Once patients have been found to be eligible for next steps, the free medical cannabis consultations will also provide advice on what to do next. Full consultations – whether in person or video link – requires patients to be referred by their GP or a specialist consultant. Sapphire’s free eligibility consultation provides patients with the information they need to start the referral process.

By providing patients and doctors the peace of mind over eligibility for access to medical cannabis, it is hoped that more patients will have the confidence, and ease of access, to the medicine that could work for them.

Through its free medical cannabis eligibility consultation service, Sapphire Medical Clinics hope to provide clarity and guidance for all patients considering medical cannabis as a treatment option.

For more information, visit the Sapphire Medical Clinics website.

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