Germany legalising cannabis is just another slap in the face for the UK

23rd November 2021

Picture this: Germany is on the verge of recreational cannabis legalisation in an effort to end social injustice and protect young people, while gaining billions of euros in tax revenue. Meanwhile, families in the UK are forced to consider leaving the country as their children lose access to their lifesaving medical cannabis.

You think it’s just something I came up with, right? Well, no; this is the reality we’re living in in November 2021 – three years after medical cannabis was legalised in the UK.

Does legalising cannabis for medical purposes matter? When 99% of those in need can’t get access to it, it really doesn’t.

The people in the UK are being let down – and that is just medical cannabis. So, what’s going on with recreational cannabis? Germany is building upon the opportunity they have seized in the medical cannabis sector to reap the benefits of recreational cannabis. So, when will the UK follow suit?

In five years, maybe; or ten? Where do you think Germany and other European countries, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg, will be by that time? Yes, way ahead of us.

If experts and lawmakers in Germany have concluded that cannabis should be legal, what would the UK’s argument be not to do the same?

If the German experts, scientists, and researchers were able to present proof that a new drug policy and a legal cannabis market could benefit the country in the long run, why can’t their UK counterparts pick up the phone and ask for that proof?

Why do we have to sit here, completely isolated from anyone and everyone, and see Europe running past us?

When being progressive is beneficial, why do we choose to continue on our conservative path – a path that has proven complete ineffective at managing the cannabis situation – and turn our heads away?

We at Canex write up dozens of studies every month that argue for a liberated cannabis market – in these studies researchers bring in real-life evidence, proof if you like, to support their arguments.

While cannabis prohibition continues, cannabis can still be found in every area of the country, controlled by gangs and criminals who often use minors and vulnerable people to deal with it – contributing to a multi-billion-pound illicit industry.

A legal market would help prevent these gangs from profiting from cannabis.

A legal market would be able to stop the injustice the minorities has had to endure over the last five-six decades.

A legal market would create thousands of jobs and  tax revenue that would benefit the most vulnerable communities in the country.

However, this is only a dream here, on Normal Island.

The only option left to many now is to flee the country to save the lives of our severely ill children who can’t even get medical cannabis.

It really is a slap in the face.

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