Good Hemp Announce the Launch of New Vegan CBD Hemp Milk

24th October 2019

UK-based healthy food firm Good Hemp has announced the launch of a new CBD Hemp Milk. The firm already produces and retails its own brand of plant-based, vegan milk which is made from the Hemp plant. 

Good Hemp CBD Barista Seed Milk will be the first product to launch, expected to be on shelves in mid-November. The Barista is then expected to be followed by two additional flavours: the Good Hemp CBD Seed Milk, and the Good Hemp CBD Chocolate Seed Milk.

The firm is keeping it simple with its release of the CBD Barista milk, only adding CBD to the five ingredients in the existing Barista Seed Milk. Each carton will pack a punch of 65mg of CBD – that’s a 7.5mg dose per milk serving.

Managing Director of Good Hemp, David Shaw, said:

“Hemp milk is a natural paring for CBD, also hemp derived, and together they create a delicious milk which can be consumed by dairy and non-dairy drinkers to enhance their overall wellbeing.”

Good Hemp CBD Barista Seed Milk
Source: Good Hemp

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a derivative from the Cannabis plant (both hemp and marijuana) which is believed to have a number of potential health benefits. The compound is often used for its therapeutic properties.

Having gained immense popularity in the last few years, CBD has been seen as a potentially viable option for the treatment of anxiety; PTSD; sleep disorders; nausea; and spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis – among many other conditions.

The CBD market has seen huge growth in this time, with an abundance of products becoming available on the market. From CBD tinctures and topicals to infused drinks and sweets, you can now get your hands on almost anything CBD!

Hemp, as well as CBD,  is also believed to have great nutritional value, containing a large number of vitamins and essential acids.

David Shaw, Good Hemp MD, continued:

 “With the UK CBD market already worth over £250m and consumer interest in the benefits of cannabidiol products at an alltime high, we decided now was the perfect time to introduce our CBD hemp milk.”

Good Hemp also produce Hemp oils, for cooking, Hemp seeds, and CBD tinctures.


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