Grow Group launches UK’s largest ever medical cannabis crowdfunding campaign

29th July 2021

The UK-based cannabis medicine provider Grow Group PLC has today announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs, seeking £3.2 million of investment from “socially conscious shareholders.”

According to the company, the campaign will assist Grow in expanding operations and hiring a raft of new staff, in an attempt to boost its work in all areas of the cannabis medicine market in the UK.

Grow is already a household name on the market as it supports 1200 people monthly in the UK, and it is one of the largest importers of medical cannabis products to the UK, with plans to support thousands more in the coming years.

Grow operates across all key areas of the cannabis medicine market, from developing patentable technologies used in the production of cannabis medicines, to improving the efficiency of supply chains and educating health care professionals on the benefits of prescribing cannabis medicines.

Ben Langley, CEO of Grow, said: “We want Grow to be a pillar of the UK’s burgeoning cannabis medicine sector and to be a future leader in the global cannabis medicine market – that’s why we’ve announced this community crowdfunding today.

“We are opening up investment to ‘socially conscious shareholders’, who are looking for impact investment opportunities that are sustainably sound, and that benefit the lives of real people in the process.

“We have barely scratched the surface of the good that cannabis medicines can do, and as we look to grow, this crowdfunding campaign will help give us the capital needed to bring higher quality, more affordable medicines, to those who need them most.”

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