Handpicked CBD reveals three new exclusive CBD vape cartridges

17th October 2021

The world-renowned CBD and medical cannabis company, Kanabo, has partnered with Handpicked CBD to present a UK first – the purest, most precise CBD vape innovation yet.

Kanabo has developed Reload, Relax and Repair, 3 unique vape cart formulas compatible with the Kanabo VapePod.

In a major step up for the UK CBD scene, Kanabo has perfected each of the three CBD hemp oil blends to work with its easy-to-use medical-grade vaporiser, purpose-built for metered-dosing. All-natural, with no synthetics and suitable for vegans, the combination of Kanabo’s carts with the VapePod device is a game-changer for British CBD consumers.

The specs:

  • Reload, Relax and Repair carts are made using pure, THC-free CBD hemp oil extracts
  • CBD, CBDa, terpenes and minor cannabinoids CBC and CBG are also present
  • 100% natural hemp-derived ingredients, non-intoxicating and suitable for vegans
  • 0.5ml of oil containing 360mg CBD per cart
  • 1mg of CBD in 1.5 seconds per inhale


How does it work?

Each CBD cart measures 0.5ml of fluid and the device cuts out after drawing for 1.5 seconds, providing a measured dose of 1mg CBD every time. The VapePod device can measure and deliver 300+ doses with each cartridge lasting six to eight weeks! To let you know that it’s working, the device will gently vibrate when drawing (inhaling).

This is the first CBD delivery system known in the UK that can fulfil a promise of consistent, accurate CBD dosing in the fastest, most efficient way. The sleek, pen-style pod fits discreetly in a pocket or purse and is interchangeable between cartridges, so you can use the same device for all 3 cartridges, swapping according to your feelings and lifestyle demands.

How does the VapePod compare with oil drops and other ways of taking CBD?

Vaping, also known as inhalation, is the fastest, most effective way for the body to absorb CBD and other hemp-derived compounds. This is because absorption begins from the moment the vaper inhales that very first draw from the device.

There’s no guesswork, and no hanging around with the VapePod. This device eliminates any head-scratching when it comes to waiting for a hint that the CBD is starting to work.

The formula is received in the mouth as a vapour, it then travels to the throat and into the lungs where it is dispersed into the bloodstream via the pulmonary tract. This is a precise, science-based, no-nonsense approach to getting a measured amount of CBD, and feeling the difference, fast.

Compared with taking oil drops under the tongue, using a product like the VapePod by Kanabo avoids the first-pass metabolism and digestive tract, providing a quicker delivery of CBD when you need it most.

Kanabo Vape Device

Shop: The reusable Kanabo VapePod device is available for £49.99 on Handpicked CBD.

Is vaping CBD with the VapePod better than regular vaping?

Vaping CBD has been proven to have higher bioavailability when compared to other ways of consuming cannabinoids, making it ideal for those who need a quick dose in a short timeframe.

The main difference, when compared to regular vapes, is the notable lack of nicotine and a lower, safer temperature which this device requires.

One of the main appeals of vaping a Kanabo cart with the VapePod is the quality of the ingredients, including the 360mg of CBD per cart, and the technology which allows the vaper to control and keep track of how much CBD they need.

Is the VapePod suitable for those who already use e-cigarettes?

The VapePod is the ideal CBD solution for anyone who is on a smoke-free journey, including those who have already made the harm reduction swap from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

The concept of inhaling CBD and other hemp-derived compounds is the same process as vaping. However, the VapePod by Kanabo differs in its execution. Firstly, the device itself is not as complex as an e-cigarette making it extremely user-friendly. There are no controls or buttons to play with, no coils to change and no bursts of cloud. All it requires from time to time is a gentle wipe down to ensure you are getting the most out of each inhale and it comes ready for USB charging, just like your phone.

On top of that, the ingredients used in these carts are pure, ethically sourced hemp extracts. Unlike traditional e-cigarettes, there is no nicotine or harsh preservatives in the mix here. CBD vapes usually come with a popular carrier known as MCT Oil or a ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG). These ingredients give vapers the chance to exhale impressive, flavour-filled clouds if that’s what you’re into.

One of the standout highlights of the VapePod and these 3 new carts from Kanabo is that they use a broad spectrum distillate, meaning the user can reap the benefits of a wholesome hemp extract, without any THC or nasties. These carts have been formulated to contain pure, hemp-derived compounds only, including 360mg of CBD itself. Vegan-friendly, this range exclusive to Handpicked CBD has been carefully crafted in line with the Kanabo motto – ‘Nature made precise.’

Who might benefit?

Due to the fast absorption and onset of CBD when inhaled, vaping CBD is growing increasingly popular among those who need a dose of cannabinoids fast. This delivery method is also discreet, making it easy to use in social and professional settings. To better understand why someone might benefit from this way of taking CBD, let’s take a look at the main reasons why CBD is consumed.

Chronic pain Research suggests that when ingested, CBD interacts with tiny receptors which make up the endocannabinoid system. These receptors receive chemical signals, stimulating a response from cells and in turn, creating anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that may help with pain management. A 2018 review assessed how effective CBD could be in pain management, revisiting studies conducted over a period of 43 years (1975 – March 2018). The analysis concluded that CBD was effective in overall pain management and didn’t cause negative side effects.

Sleep & AnxietyMany people take CBD to support their natural sleep cycle and to manage anxiety, which can affect sleep. A 2019 study set out to determine whether CBD can improve sleep and/or anxiety in a clinical population. This large retrospective case series held at a Colorado psychiatric clinic concluded that CBD may hold benefits for anxiety-related disorders but, researchers added controlled clinical studies are needed for further investigation. A majority of the patients observed in this case also reported noticeable improvements to their sleep.

Stress Management A single dose of CBD has been shown to reduce blood pressure in healthy men, according to a randomized crossover study published in 2017. The data showed that acute administration of CBD reduced blood pressure at rest and also in instances of stress. The patients underwent a mental stress test, and those who had been administered one dose of CBD saw their blood pressure decline.

Which Kanabo cartridge is right for me?

Now that you have an idea of what goes into making these brand new carts for the VapePod, let’s work out which one is right for you.

Each cart has been designed with a whole plant approach, maximising the benefits for the end-user through the addition of unique terpene profiles. Terpenes aren’t new, and these days many brands are realising their potential, specifically the role they play in promoting the entourage effect.

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Formulation experts at Kanabo have taken this one step further, by using hemp-derived terpenes, rather than floral terpenes which you’ll find in other products on the market. This means the user gets all of the benefits of inhaling compounds that truly come from the hemp plant, rather than a mixture of ingredients from different sources.

Kanabo Vape Device

Kanabo Reload Cart for VapePod

The Reload cart is for you if your daily struggle is clarity and focus. There is a never-ending list of distractions in day-to-day life. Concentration and the clear focus to see something through is an uphill battle. When you can’t quite get a grasp on the task at hand, try the Reload cart. A refreshing peppermint aroma from naturally occurring hemp terpenes will help stimulate the senses while you benefit from your own, personal dose of pure distillate broad-spectrum CBD.

Kanabo Vape Device

Kanabo Relax Cart for VapePod

The Relax cart does exactly what it says on the box. Designed to help even the busiest of minds to unwind and find that moment of inner peace and tranquillity. Described by the brand as a wave of calm, like a hug, the Relax cart can be your new best friend, coming to your aid in the most stressful situations. The next time you feel like losing sleep over something that happened at work or worrying over a difficult conversation that needs to be had tomorrow, take a breather and relax with your VapePod. The Relax cart formula contains a unique blend of hemp-derived terpenes which promote spa-like scents of melon and sage, plus 360mg of pure distillate broad-spectrum CBD. Shhhh! It’s me-time.

Kanabo Vape Repair

Kanabo Repair Cart for VapePod

The Repair cart is your one-stop shop for soothing discomfort. Whether that be age-prone aches, tension from sitting at your desk all day, or muscle pain from a gym session, discomfort doesn’t just affect how we are feeling physically, it also affects our mood. The unique formulation in this pure CBD hemp oil extract cartridge from Kanabo can help you overcome such discomfort so you can get on with your day or night. Infused with hemp-derived terpenes which give aromas of rosemary and berries, this pure distillate broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil can come to your rescue at any time of day. The Kanabo Repair vape cart has one more trick up its sleeve. As well as being full of the goodness of THC-free CBD, it has also been enriched with CBG, a minor cannabinoid-rich in anti-inflammatory benefits.

Kanabo Vape Bundle

Shop: Kanabo starter kit, VapePod + 3 carts, £129.99 (save £40) exclusively on Handpicked CBD

Where can I buy Kanabo vape carts and the VapePod in the UK?

Handpicked CBD is the exclusive provider of Kanabo’s Reload, Relax and Repair vape carts which are compatible with the medical-grade VapePod device. Sold separately, one cart will cost you £36.90 and each cart contains at least 300 draws, which the brand says should last 6 – 8 weeks depending on usage.

The reusable Kanabo VapePod device is available for £49.99.

Handpicked CBD also has a full coverage bundle offer, the ideal starter kit, making all 3 carts and the VapePod device available for £129.99. This way you’ll save £40.

Where do the carts come from?

Kanabo is a UK-based company with an EU-GMP certified production facility in Wales. The highly specialist team develops the most potent hemp extracts containing CBD, terpenes and minor cannabinoids with the health and wellness of consumers in mind.

All-natural, non-intoxicating and easy to dose, each Kanabo CBD formula uses a broad-spectrum (THC-free) hemp extract which is EU-GMP certified. The Kanabo CBD range is held in high regard internationally for its research, development and transparency. Each formulation is independently verified by third-party laboratories which conduct full cannabinoid and terpene profile analysis.

Kanabo was established in Israel in 2016 as a Medical Cannabis Research & Development powerhouse and earlier this year listed on London Stock Exchange.

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