Colorado Company Launch Hemp and CBD Products in the UK

4th July 2019

Colorado company, Highland Natural Resources, recently branched out into the hemp and CBD industry. They are expecting the products from their CBD company, ‘Chill’, to go on sale in the UK by the end of July – the same time as in the USA.

Their wholly owned subsidiary, Zoetic, launched their first CBD brand earlier this year, and products from their first CBD brand include CBD tinctures. Current flavours for the tinctures are natural, peppermint, melon and blood orange. The products will come in strengths of either 500mg, or 1000mg.

The group is currently in talks with a UK-based specialist distributor who has access to retail stores in the UK.

Back in the USA, Zoetic has signed contracts to sell their Chill products in 26 retail outlets across the country. Products for sale in the USA include hemp flower and CBD-infused “smokables” and jelly chews, as well as tinctures.

The company is also looking to launch another CBD brand, which will introduce additional products, in the near future.

It is unlikely that the sale of CBD and hemp flower smokables will be permitted in the UK, considering the current legislation around the cultivation of hemp. However, there has been a lot of lobbying for change to these regulations. If the regulations were to be relaxed, then this first waves of products may open the door to that possibility.

Highlands Natural Resources is a water, oil and gas company which has operations across Colorado, Kansas and Montana. The company branched out into hemp cultivation with the launch of their subsidiary business, Zoetic.

In the USA, the law around the cultivation of hemp is much more relaxed than in the UK. The permitted THC level is slightly more than here in the UK, at 0.3%. Cultivators are free to grow, harvest and sell the whole of the hemp plant, and any products derived from the plant, permitted that it does not exceed this percentage.

In contrast, in the UK, hemp cultivators are only allowed to make use of hemp seeds and fibres. In other words, the flowers and leaves are wasted, meaning that a huge part of the hemp market is untapped.

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