Hemp Oil For Skin: 5 Benefits You Should Know About

28th September 2020

Although CBD may be extracted from either high-THC cannabis or low-THC hemp, it is most commonly derived from the latter. On the other hand, hemp oil is extracted exclusively from hemp plants. In addition, unlike CBD – which is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds through cold-pressing.

The oil has a clear, green color and a nutty flavor. Unlike CBD oil, which contains very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), high-value hemp oil has no traces of THC. Whether you ingest it directly or you apply it on the skin, hemp oil offers various benefits thanks to its nourishing vitamins and moisturizing qualities.

Below, we explore five key benefits of hemp oil for skin that you should know about:

1. Works Well On All Skin Types

There is a wide variety of skin types, with some people having dry skin, others having oily skin, and some people having combination skin – meaning the skin at the center of the face, or the T-zone is oily while the rest of the face has dry skin.

In addition to skin combinations, there are people who have sensitive skin. This means their skin, though normal in its natural oil levels, reacts to some ingredients that are present in skin products.

While many skin products are limited in their suitability to all of these skin types, hemp oil could be perfect for all types. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive, hemp seed oil interacts well with most skin types due to its ability to moisturise the skin without clogging pores. It balances oily skin by hydrating it while regulating oil production. In turn, this limits the clogging of pores which can prevent conditions like acne that often develops due to excess skin oil.

2. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Our skin can become inflamed for any of a variety of reasons. Often our skin is able to fight signs of inflammation – such as redness and itchiness – however, it sometimes requires some help to soothe these symptoms. Furthermore, inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis almost always require singular attention through medication or topical creams.

Hemp oil contains several omega-6 fatty acids that fight inflammation. One of these – gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) – has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing inflamed skin. GLA also fights inflammation and reduces irritation by generating new cells and promoting skin growth.

Hemp oil for skin
Hemp Oil

But GLA isn’t the only fatty acid that makes hemp oil extremely beneficial for treating skin conditions. The oil is rich in other omega-6 as well as omega-3 fatty acids that make it useful for treating different skin conditions. For instance, studies have shown that dietary hemp oil can lower the appearance and even treat symptoms of clinical atopic dermatitis.

The potential anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil could make it effective in managing many other skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, and lichen planus. However, to get the desired results, it’s important that you choose a high-quality hemp oil from a credible supplier such as Synchronicity.

3. Moisturises Skin without Clogging Pores

A huge benefit of using hemp oil for skin is its ability to moisturise the skin while balancing the amount of oil in the skin and without necessarily clogging pores. As a moisturiser, the oil helps in rejuvenating dry skin so that it does not become flaky, itchy, or susceptible to infection or inflammation.

But hemp oil is not just effective in moisturising dry skin. It could also help to balance skin oils in those with oily skin. Too much skin oil can lead to the clogging of pores which, in turn, may cause the development of acne – a skin condition that leads to the growth of whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts.

While there are many skin products that can treat either of these problems, it’s not easy to find one that supports both oily and dry skins. At the same time, there are moisturisers that have high emollient levels. This means that more oil is added to the skin – which does not help people who already have oily skin. Hemp oil works effectively with both skin types without causing skin pores to clog for users who have oily skin.

4. May Help to Slow the Aging Process

Hemp oil is not just good for soothing or moisturising skin – it also has anti-aging properties. It contains vitamin F and fatty acids known as oleic and linoleic acids. These acids play an important role in slowing the skin’s aging process and enhancing skin health. The body does not produce either of these acids naturally, so they have to be consumed from external sources.

Oleic and linoleic acids are responsible for making the outer layer of the skin strong. This enables the skin to retain higher amounts of water, which keeps it smooth, supple, and healthy. As a result, the number of wrinkles and fine lines that develop is significantly reduced. The fatty acids are also known to protect the skin against aggressors and threats that cause premature aging.

5. Boosts Oxygenation of the Skin

Hemp oil contains vitamin E – a nutrient that supports the production of red blood cells in the body. The red blood cells play the critical role of carrying oxygen to all parts of the human body. These cells are also instrumental in boosting the dilation of blood vessels so that blood can flow well and reach all body organs effectively.

By ingesting or applying hemp oil to the skin, you increase the amount of vitamin E in the body. This ensures that the skin receives well-oxygenated blood. The oxygenated blood also delivers rich nutrients to the skin, keeping it healthy and strong throughout.

The Last Word

Hemp oil is a highly effective ingredient for skin nourishment, irrespective of the way you take it. The oil can either be ingested or applied to the skin. The oil is safe for use by most people and, unlike many other skin products, works well on different types of skin.

Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the oil nourishes the skin effectively and does not clog its pores. If you haven’t started using hemp oil, consider doing so and start enjoying all the benefits discussed above. The best way to get maximum benefits from hemp oil is to make it part of your daily diet.

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