Hert’s Hemp CBD Oil Drops – A Canex Review

4th May 2020
By Emily Ledger

The UK’s CBD market has experienced immense growth over the last few years with established high street stores, local health shops, and start-up brands embracing the cannabis derivative. In fact, a research study found last year that the UK’s CBD market is now bigger than the Vitamin C and D markets, combined. 

With such a huge, diverse, and constantly growing product market, it can be difficult to identify the best quality products. However, UK-based brand Hert’s Hemp tries to take all the guesswork out of selecting high-quality products as they provide you with all the information you need. We tried the brand’s CBD oil and CBG oil – So, what did we think? We’ll start with the Hert’s Hemp CBD oil drops.

Hert’s Hemp CBD Oil

Over the last few weeks, I have been sampling Hert’s Hemp 18% CBD Oil Drops. It is the strongest of the brand’s CBD oil tinctures, and contains 1800mg of CBD/CBDa, with approximately 6mg per drop.

Hert's Hemp CBD Oil
Hert’s Hemp CBD Oil (18%)

The oils arrived in attractive packaging, wrapped in tissue paper, and accompanied by a formal ‘Thank you’ envelope enclosing detailed information about the brand and the products. As instructed, I applied 5-10 drops of oil under my tongue once a day. According to the information on the bottle, this equals a dose of 30-60mg.

What were the effects?

The first thing I noticed when I used the oil was the taste. Unlike a lot of CBD products I have tried, Hert’s Hemp’s CBD oil was not overpoweringly strong-tasting, despite being of high strength. This was a pleasant surprise as other products can leave a lingering aftertaste and even a slight burning sensation when swallowed.

After a couple of days, after taking the oil as directed, I seemed to be noticeably calmer and found it easier to get on with work. As many of us are working from home during this time, this has been very helpful.

Additionally, after weeks of being homebound, feelings of anxiety have become more common than usual. I found that I felt more relaxed following the application of the oil. As always with CBD products, it is hard to say whether the effects were partly down to the ‘placebo effect’. However, as I felt better, it doesn’t seem to really matter either way…

The other stuff

The oil contains 1800mg of CBD and CBDa (88% Hemp extract and 12% Hemp seed oil). Hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil for the full-spectrum CBD oil. Other products may use olive oil, coconut oil, or other edible oils as an alternative. However, I like that hemp seed oil is used in this product as it makes the oil seem more authentic and natural. Hemp seeds are also known to be extremely nutritionally valuable!

Although I was impressed with the product, the brand’s website, and the information provided, this product is quite expensive. In comparison to other products, the £105.00 price tag on this product does seem quite high. Having said that, this is the highest strength product available from the brand, and lower strengths can be much more affordable and are often strong enough for many people.

On the Hert’s Hemp website, lab results can be found for each product batch, meaning that you can trace the ingredients in your product. This feature is invaluable in the highly unregulated CBD market and gives you peace of mind over the quality of the product you are buying.


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