Hiatus CBD Vape Pens Are Turning Heads: A Canex Review

31st August 2020

In the UK, new CBD products are popping up all over the place and, as a result, brands are having to try harder than ever to catch the attention of their customers. The CBD vape sector is gaining particular popularity, but Hiatus is aiming to set themselves apart from the competition with their range of sleek and stylish CBD vape pens. We tried all of the Hiatus fruity vape pens so we could share our first-hand experience.

We all know that CBD is taking over the world and according to some researchers, vaporising is the most efficient way of consuming the cannabinoid. The compound is absorbed to some of the highest levels through vaping, thanks to high rates of absorption in the lungs.

Hiatus’ vape pens are made in the UK and every each of them to contain 150 mg of pure CBD isolate combined with premium, naturally derived terpenes. The dose of each pen gives you ample time to enjoy the benefits of the CBD – our pens lasted more than four days following rather heavy use.

The pens themselves are nicely-designed and perfectly balanced, so they fit in the hands extremely well. We found it hard to put it down even in the evenings, as the stylish led lights at the end of the pens do contribute to the experience.

Each of the three pens represents a different taste and attitude, so users can find the right one to match their mood.

Focus – Orange & Pineapple

According to Hiatus, “Focus is filled with the highest-quality oils, natural flavours and is ready whenever you are.” Our verdict: it’s absolutely true.

In case you don’t know, Hiatus’ pens contain neither THC, nicotine, pesticides, herbicides, cutting agents, nor fillers. The pens are premium quality, and Focus does not disappoint either.

However, the taste could be a little bit stronger. Other than that, it offers a nice, pleasant taste without a stick in the back of your throat. We were happy to feel a nice flow and see a thick vapour following exhalation.

Hiatus CBD Vape Pens

The pen is light, comfy and elegant which is an upgrade in comparison to other vape pens on the market.

Revive – Raspberry, Cucumber & Garden Mint

Our absolute favourite was this, the raspberry, cucumber & garden mint flavoured vape pen.

It lasted more than four full days, and it offered a somewhat chilled experience on the courtesy of combining cucumber and garden mint.

You could feel on your tongue that the mixed flavours start to make their presence known. It’s just a perfect choice on a warm summer afternoon sitting in a (beer) garden while enjoying a get-together.

Hiatus wants us to “find a moment of zen with Revive”. The good news is with Revive it’s easy as one, two, three.

Rest – Blackcurrant & Blueberry

Another exciting flavour which would help the consumer to relax. Blackcurrant and blueberry offers an interesting taste at first, but following a moment of surprise, it starts to kick in, and the flavour became extremely pleasant.

We were vaping while watching movies on the couch, and it really helped us to let it all go.

Its name – Rest – describes it perfectly. All three names are there for a purpose. It’s a sort of spoiler, in terms of what a consumer should expect to receive from using them.

Again, none of them disappointed us. If somebody is after a great experience and a futuristic stylish vape pen, look no more, the Next Gen has finally arrived!

Product Scores

Focus - Orange & Pineapple


Revive - Raspberry, Cucumber & Garden Mint


Rest - Blackcurrant & Blueberry



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