Hop & Hemp UK Launch CBD Low-Alcohol Beers

7th August 2019

Hop & Hemp, a UK brewery, has launched two CBD-infused, low alcohol craft beers. The brewers used CBD derived from Hemp plants, and contains 0% THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid found in Cannabis plants.

Both of the beers – Easy Times IPA and Lowdown Lager – have an ABV of 0.5% and contain 8mg of CBD per bottle (330ml). Hop & Hemp brewers hope that the low alcohol content will allow the beers to be enjoyed throughout the day.

James da Silva, from the brewery, said:

“We love beer. Sometimes maybe a little too much. That’s why we made it our mission to create brews that have all the big flavours of the best craft beer that is suitable to drink throughout the day.”

Hop & Hemp partnered with The Drug. Store, to create the CBD beers. The retailer, which opened their first permanent location in London, last month.

Clemens Böninger, co-founder of The Drug. Store, said:

“Interest in CBD has skyrocketed this year, with many people using it within the health and wellness industry. It’s exciting to be incorporating it with a product as well-loved as beer, and one we really believe is a natural fit.”

Easy Times Indian Pale Ale, is said to have grapefruit and lemon aromas, and has a triple addition of American hops. On the other hand, the Lowdown Lager is described as a crisp, pilsner-style lager, with hints of spice, citrus and sweetness.”

With the craft beer and CBD markets as popular as ever, the brewery are targeting two huge industries, which are still growing.

You might have noticed from time to time, that your beer has a faint “weed” smell to it. This is because of the shared terpenes that hops and hemp have. Terpenes are partly responsible for the scent and taste of some plants – as well as having some therapeutic and medical potential.

Hop & Hemp‘s beers are available in the UK, priced at £13 for a four-pack.


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