Five benefits of incorporating CBD into your morning routine & ways to start your day with CBD

6th July 2021

Every day, more and more individuals around the globe are discovering CBD and its promising benefits and deciding to make this beneficial supplement a part of their daily routine. The all-natural solution is now a buzzy ingredient in the media, gaining attention after conducted research and discovered therapeutic properties.

With changes in laws in various countries and its high demand, the CBD market has grown dramatically over the past couple of years.

Potential Benefits of Using CBD Products

Reduced Anxiety & Improved Mood

Cannabidiol (or simply CBD) is an active chemical compound and a promising alternative treatment that is well known for its multiple benefits. CBD is thought to interact with the body’s biological endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is related to vital processes such as sleep, pain, stress, inflammation, immune response, and appetite. By indirectly influencing certain receptors of the ECS, the use of CBD could help to boost your mood and energy levels by reducing anxiety and stress levels and improving focus.

Relief From Chronic & Post-Workout Pain

Many of us experience different types of aches from time to time, while some may suffer from severe discomfort caused by pain for many years. Whether it’s simple headaches, back pain, muscle soreness or chronic rheumatoid arthritis, pain can appear and even negatively affect your daily life regardless of your age.

Since CBD can offer various health benefits and healing properties due to its ability to interact with your body’s receptors as part of the ECS, taking CBD for pain can help provide fast and long-lasting relief from aches and various pains, as well as potentially heal injuries, scars and wounds. 

Helps to Improve Sleep 

With CBD’s ability to help reduce anxiety and stress, relieve pain, inflammation and chronic pain, CBD can promote better rest and may help you fall asleep faster so you can wake up refreshed and energised. After intake, CBD sends signals to the brain that cause a wide range of effects, including soothing worry and diminishing pain. Cannabinoids like CBD are also known to indirectly affect cannabinoid receptors, which could potentially affect the sleep/wake cycle.

Promotes Skin that Glows

Cannabidiol also appears to offer several benefits for common skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Different receptors of ECS not only present all over the body but are also found in the skin cells, meaning the same positive effects apply to the skin. However, rather than hitting the bloodstream, CBD provides its benefits at a localised level.  

CBD oil can be used for acne control or treatment, may provide anti-ageing effects, relieve the potential triggers of skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis and treat different skin infections. It also can aid in improving the appearance of acne scars and alleviating several symptoms of common skin issues, such as dryness and itching.

CBD is Loaded with Essential Nutrients

CBD oil is also a valuable ally to a healthy, well-balanced and complete diet. The nutrients obtained from the daily consumption of CBD are essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind. CBD is packed with protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Five Ways to Add CBD Products to Your Morning Routine

While you can be an early riser or a night owl, the consistent morning routine is one of the best times to prepare yourself for the day ahead. 

Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet Regimen

By incorporating CBD into various meals or beverages during your breakfast, you could improve your fresh start to the day. This can be oats, avocado toast, coffee, tea, juice or any other recipes of your choice to potentially help you reduce stress and boost throughout the day. CBD is also available in ready-made options of breakfast cereal, juice, coffee and many others, eliminating the need for preparing CBD infused dishes or drinks.

What’s more, different CBD products can be taken using different methods. To improve the effectiveness of consumed CBD dosage, you can consume the oil sublingually to experience positive effects faster and increase bioavailability. Taking CBD under your tongue (sublingually) or inhaling CBD with a help of various CBD vape products provide more optimal absorption as it doesn’t have to go through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Consider trying various ways of CBD intake to see how it affects your body and find the right one for you.

Take CBD Products Before or After your Workout

As oral CBD products can take up to two hours to enter the bloodstream, some fitness enthusiasts prefer to take CBD before their daily workout. This allows them to start experiencing the potential benefits of CBD shortly after training.

Some also use CBD topicals like creams, lotions, rubs and ointments formulated with active pain-relieving ingredients such as menthol. Such products provide localised application and can help relieve joint or muscle pain during or immediately after a vigorous workout and recover faster.

Enjoy it as a Beneficial Snack

Edible CBD products are considered one of the most popular ways of taking cannabidiol. Not only are they tasty and mask the distinct, earthy taste of hemp but various drinks and foods that contain CBD oil are also easy to use as they come in pre-measured doses and eliminate the need for dosing.

You can pamper your taste buds with a variety of options such as CBD gummies, dark chocolate, dried fruits or energy bars for a delicious and healthy snack. 

Add CBD to Aromatherapy or Meditation Practice

Since many people tend to use aromatherapy as an effective way to relax, boost mood, alleviate heart rate or pain levels, adding CBD can aid in improving your wellness. This practice includes the use of different fragrant essential oils intended to address various discomforts while promoting health and vitality. Aside from well-known scents like lavender, jasmine, grapefruit and ylang-ylang, you can also use CBD oil. 

Whether you decide to use CBD infused candles or add the oil in a diffuser, CBD will not only create a pleasant aroma but also can assist with reducing anxiety, relieving inflammation and managing pain

Also, some people turn to the benefits of daily meditation to combat stress, improve self-awareness, relieve pain and promote better sleep. Using CBD as a complement to your morning meditation session can help promote a relaxed state and better focus, helping your thoughts to stay in the moment.

Use it as part of your Skincare Routine

By having anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, various topical CBD products can offer a three-pronged skincare approach, making it a useful addition to your daily skincare regimen. Given the wide variety of products and formats, incorporating CBD into your daily skincare routine is also quite easy. Topical CBD products are manufactured in the form of CBD bath bombs, oils, lotions, cleansers, creams, face masks, and more, making them a quick addition to your morning routine.

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