International Cannabis Business Conference Kicks off for Fourth Year

4th February 2020

This month, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) kicks off for its fourth consecutive year in the first of its five locations. The International Cannabis Business Conference is the largest business-to-business conference for the global Cannabis industry.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, California will host the first 2020 conference on the 6-7th February, before the event jumps over to three major European cities. After playing host to visitors in one of the most promising Cannabis markets in the USA – California – the ICBC will be stopping off in one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain has one of the most diverse and pioneering approaches to Cannabis, with its array of Cannabis Social Clubs. The country’s long-standing approach to the plant makes it a key area to watch as the industry continues to grow. The Barcelona event will run on the 12th March 2020.

Berlin, Germany

April will see the conference head over to Berlin for one of the most exciting events. The Berlin event will take place across three days (1-3 April), and showcase a variety of speakers, exhibitions, and special guest, Jim Belushi.

The Cannabis scene in Germany has been continuously growing and diversifying since the introduction of the legal medical Cannabis market in 2017. Since then, imports of Cannabis flower to pharmacies have more than tripled. According to Prohibition Partners, the medical Cannabis market in Germany could be worth  €7.7 billion by 2028.

Further, the possibility of complete legalisation has never been closer. The political party of the Geman Chancellor, Angela Merkel, recently considered supporting policy reform. The ICBC Berlin event is expected to welcome 2,500 visitors, alongside 200 exhibitors and sponsors from around the world.

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is home to another of the most exciting Cannabis markets in Europe. The CBD industry in the country is booming, as favourable legislation and regulations allow manufacturers to flourish.

The Swiss government has led the way in Europe with its approach to low-THC, high-CBD Cannabis. Since the country lifted its prohibition of plants containing 1% THC or less, advocates and industry workers from other countries -including the UK – have called for similar measures.

The Bern International Cannabis Business Conference will take place on 13-14th May.

Vancouver, Canada

In September, the ICBC will hop back over the pond to Canada. Since becoming the first G7 country, and only the second country in the world, to legalise recreational use of Cannabis in 2018, nations from around the world have kept a close eye on how the new market unfolds.

The Vancouver conference will cover the latest policy and Cannabis industry trends in North America and the rest of the world. Canada is the only country in which the ICBC showcases that have federally legalised adult-use of high-THC Cannabis. This makes it an interesting event to learn as much as you can about the industry.

Attendance and Sponsorship

Tickets for all ICBC conferences are now available at the organiser’s website. Each event offers two tiers of tickets – ‘The Conference Package’ and ‘The VIP Package’. You can also find more information on sponsorship at the International Cannabis Business Conference website.


For more information about sponsorship of the Berlin event, contact Event Coordinator and Industry Consultant, Pablo Sharrock, at: (+34) 722 642 678.


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