It’s Not About The Money – Project Twenty21

5th January 2022

It’s that time of year again where we bring to you our end-of-year Canex awards for all of our favourites in the CBD and medical cannabis industries. This year has been particularly hard on small businesses and people’s health and wellbeing and we want to celebrate those in charge and those that are still going against all odds…

In a climate where many patients are still struggling to access affordable medical cannabis products, Drug Science launched the Project Twenty21 initiative – to gather much-needed evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis. Project Twenty21 combines the opportunity for patients to access more affordable products with the hope of providing evidence to support NHS funding for cannabis medicines in the future.

Canex is awarding the ‘It’s not about the Money’ award to Drug Science’s Project Twenty21 for pioneering affordable patient access to affordable medical cannabis treatment in 2021 – all while collecting much-needed evidence to help progress the sector.

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