Janus Organics: A Canex Review

23rd November 2020

CBD oils and products, in general, have really leveled up since we’ve been doing this, and Janus Organics really know how to make CBD Products. When reviewing oils in particular we really like to give them a fair trial of at least a couple of weeks before putting our thoughts out into the world.

Janus very kindly sent us their bath bombs and oils to try out and we can wholeheartedly say…we loved them.

“Janus Organics is Europe’s most trusted, premium organic, CBD brand. Our quality, consistency, and meticulous approach have led us to become one of the fastest-growing CBD brands in Europe. 100% natural, 100% organic CBD oils created exclusively to support a balanced life and superior wellbeing.”

Janus Organics ‘Relax’ CBD Bathbomb

A bath bomb taking self-care and relaxation to a whole new level. Each Janus bath bomb contains 100mg of premium hemp-based CBD extract.

This bath bomb was positively fizzy and the essential oils gave my entire bathroom and seriously serene and luxurious scent. I soaked in the bath for around 30 minutes to reap all the CBD and essential oil benefits. I find the process of having a bath an amazing act of self-care and the added CBD truly relaxed me. I felt a noticeable difference to my ordinary bath.

Soaking in a CBD bath bomb can soothe sore/tired muscles, provide relief for cramps and muscle spasms, reduce bodily tension, soothe acne, and skin conditions.Janus-cbd


Janus Organics CBD Oil

We had a few different Janus Oils to try so we spread them out through everyone at Canex to get differing opinions and we all came to the same conclusion, they were the smoothest CBD oils we’ve tried to date.

Garden Mint was our favourite flavour with a very subtle sweet but fresh taste. The oil itself was extremely easy to take and quite literally just melted away under the tongue. We think this is due to the use of MCT oil instead of something thicker and heavier.MCT is absorbed quickly and is in fact, one of the best oils to use.

The Janus oils are extremely easy to incorporate into drinks and smoothies without leaving an oily residue.

These oils are our current everyday go to’s and it is unanimous, we love them.

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