Jockey banned for six months after positive for cocaine and cannabis

17th June 2021

A jockey sought help to end his drug misuse after being banned for six months for testing positive for cocaine and cannabis in January 2021.

According to BBC, Levi Williams was furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic and he “made a mistake.”

Mr Williams admitted to smoke cannabis once or twice but claimed that he hadn’t been thinking at the time, going as far as to say that he was “stupid.”

Solicitor Rory MacNeice, who is representing Mr Williams, said: “He is very happy to assist in speaking to new entrants about the real damage and career risk drug use represent.

“He has changed his living arrangements and is now in a much more supportive environment.

“He recognises his experience may help others from making the same mistakes.”

The BBC reports that Mr Williams used cocaine when he wasn’t riding but he has stopped and sought help from the Sporting Chance charity and the Professional Jockeys’ Association.

Mr Williams will be eligible to reapply for his licence from August 4 after serving an interim suspension since February 5.

Reportedly, Mr Williams is not the only jockey who was using banned substances: there has been an increase in the number of positive urine samples for drugs in recent years.

The British Horseracing Authority has announced a two-month pilot where saliva tests will be used to screen jockeys.

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