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We’re here to help people achieve their wellness goals consistently and reliably through purposeful cannabis consumption.

27th August 2021
By Guest Author

Weed is about more than getting high. For example, have you ever used cannabis to help you sleep at night? What about stimulating your appetite? 

The cannabis plant produces a variety of compounds and effects that can help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you want to sleep better, eat more, replace other substances, melt into your couch at the end of a long day, or energise and uplift your mind, there is a cannabis product that is perfect for that goal. And the Jointly app can help you find it. 

Jointly is a new cannabis wellness app that helps people discover purposeful cannabis consumption so they can achieve their wellness goals with cannabis and CBD. On the Jointly app, you can find new cannabis products, rate products based on how well they helped you achieve your goals, and track and optimise your cannabis consumption so that you can enjoy your ideal experience every time. 

How Jointly improves your cannabis experience

Have you ever noticed that the same cannabis product can produce different effects (or side effects) from one day to the next? Or that a weed strain that consistently stimulates your mind has a sedating effect on your friend? How is it possible that the same product has such varied effects?

Cannabis experts believe that there are at least 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience. These factors include your dose, your hydration level, how much sleep you got the night before, whether you are alone or with friends, whether you are using cannabis in the morning or at night, and more. 

When you track your cannabis consumption on the Jointly app, you can report on these 15 factors to determine how each factor impacts your experience. Over time, the Jointly app will use your reports to make suggestions that will help you get more consistent results with your favourite cannabis products. 

Finding cannabis products that work

Tens of thousands of different cannabis products are sold in the adult-use market today. If you tried one product each day, it would take nearly a century to try them all. Meanwhile, new (possibly better) products are being created every day. With so many choices, how are you supposed to find the products that work for you?

With Jointly’s Product Finder, you can see how other Jointly users rated a product based on how well it helped them achieve their wellness goals. 

For example, if you find a product that has thousands of “10/10” ratings for Improve Sleep, that product will likely have a similar effect on you. But if it doesn’t, Jointly will help you adjust your routine so that you can get the result you want.

The Jointly app Vs other cannabis Apps

For a comparison of how Jointly compares to other weed apps, check out Why Jointly Is Better than a Strain Finder. But in short, we believe that Jointly is the ultimate cannabis wellness app for health-conscious cannabis users.

Not only does the Jointly app allow you to find legal, licensed products available near you, it also helps you optimise how you consume cannabis so that you can learn to minimise side effects and enjoy your ideal experience every time. 

Download the Jointly app on the App Store or the Google Play Store to get started on your cannabis wellness journey today.

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