Las Vegas to welcome cannabis lounges in the autumn

15th June 2021

After Nevada Governor signed a bill that would allow the licencing and regulation of cannabis consumption lounges, Las Vegas could see its first Amsterdam-esque venues open in just a few months’ time.

According to Forbes, Governor Steve Sisolak’s move is a game-changing moment for Nevada’s cannabis industry as, up this point, it has been illegal to consume cannabis anywhere but in private residences.

It is reported that the state’s very first cannabis lounges will be open for business from October.

Assemblyman Steve Yeager, who originally sponsored the bill, said during the committee hearing: “You can think of it as a bar, except obviously there will be no alcohol. It could be a joint, an edible, it could be an infused food or infused soda, whatever the concept might be.”

The paper says Mr Yeager believes that Nevada won’t stop with cannabis lounges: it is possible that the state could welcome other cannabis venues, such as “cannabis-friendly yoga studios, cannabis-serving comedy clubs and high-end restaurants that infuse dishes with THC.”

Reportedly, Nevada will first issue 20 licences, of which ten will go to social equity applicants.

The venues will have to adhere to a number of strict requirements, including having to have proper ventilation and an exhaust system while the staff will be required to be trained about serving cannabis products.

Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO of Planet 13, a 112,000-square-foot superstore, said: “When people come to Vegas for a bachelor party, a wedding, or just to see friends they haven’t seen in 15 months, they’re going to want to get together and consume cannabis and pretty soon there will be consumption lounges, and they’re going to want to come to Cookies.

“What better place than Las Vegas? It’s an experience city in the middle of the desert.”

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