Lidl recalls hemp products among fears over THC content

31st August 2021

The international supermarket chain, Lidl, has taken the decision to remove hemp products from shelves in its stores in the Irish islands due to concerns over their THC levels.

According to the Irish Independent, Lidl is recalling two hemp products – Vita D’or Bio Organic Hemp Seed Oil and all Mogota Hemp Tea – after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued a recall notice.

Reportedly, Lidl acted quickly and also issued warnings of the decision in its shops all over the country.

A spokesperson said: “Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland are recalling the above two products ‘Vita D’or Hemp Oil’ and ‘Mogota Hemp Tea’ as an increased level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was detected.

“Consumption of this food can have minor side effects such as fatigue or mood swings if consumed in large quantities.

“If you have purchased the above products, we advise you not to consume them. Instead, return the products to a Lidl store for a full refund, with or without a receipt.

“Lidl wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Mogota Hemp Tea and Vita D’or Bio Organic Hemp Seed Oil Products

(Photo: FSAI)

It is important to note that industrial hemp can be legally grown in Ireland under licence from the Department of Health for a range of uses, including fibre, food and feed.

As of now, however, the level of THC must be kept under 0.2%.

Campaigners and cannabis advocates are, however, pushing the government to relax restrictions around the recreational and industrial use of the plant.

Last year, Fintan Conway, Executive Secretary at Irish Farmers Association, in a letter to Marie Egan, a pharmacist in the medicines, controlled drugs and pharmacy section in the Health Department, claimed Ireland could be the next top dog in the production of medicinal cannabis.

He said: “Ireland is well-positioned geographically and politically to become a major player in the developing international market for industrial hemp, CBD oil and medicinal cannabis.

“However, in order for the crop and the industry to realise its full production and economic potential, the proper regulatory framework needs to be put in place.”

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