Logan Paul stops smoking cannabis and reports some ‘nasty withdrawals’

5th January 2022

The super popular – and divisive – American influencer and entrepreneur has announced he’s quitting cannabis after long years of smoking.

Logan Paul, a 26-year-old multimillionaire YouTuber and recently turned professional boxer, has informed his 21.8 million followers on Instagram that he had a “super fun New Year’s story.”

Paul stopped smoking cannabis but – as a long-time heavy smoker – immediately started developing some withdrawal symptoms.

He said: “I quit smoking weed on December 24, [and I have] been having some pretty nasty withdrawals (loss of appetite, insomnia, extreme irritability) — by far the hardest week of 2021 for me.”

Paul is only important in this equation because his messages and stories could reach tens or hundreds of millions of young people all around the world.


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While some refute the idea or actual medical facts, his Instagram post is yet another example and proof that cannabis addiction is real and uncontrolled substance use can result in some “nasty withdrawals.”

Cannabis use disorder (CUD) really is something that needs proper treatment and professional supervision.

As we reported a few weeks ago, the scientists and “addiction, diagnostic, epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical studies” clearly indicate that the condition exists, while there is an increase in the rates of CUD.

It is also reported that almost one in three of those who use cannabis may have some degree of cannabis use disorder.

While we at Canex approve of and are working for wider medical and recreational access to cannabis in the UK and around the world, we also promote “smart use” and the science behind the substance.

The scientific proof on people who consume cannabis every day can actually be dependent on the drug seems to be rather convincing.

Marvin D. Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, said that limitless cannabis use can lead to addiction.

He said: “Most people can use marijuana without becoming addicted, and most who use occasionally will not suffer harmful effects.

“Still, it is important to know the risks, especially considering the new forms and tremendously high levels of THC available to users. The higher the potency of the drug consumed, the higher the likelihood of addiction, and the higher the likelihood of adverse side effects.

“It is also important to recognize that marijuana has several hundred ingredients, many of which we know very little about. With new research, more information will be coming to help us understand both the good and bad effects of marijuana in all of its forms.”

While it could be deemed as wishful thinking on our part, an influencer such as Logan Paul’s post hopefully will open a healthy dialogue on cannabis addiction and prevention.

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