UK company launched to transform the Medical Cannabis Market

23rd June 2021

New UK company aims to drive the clinical development and distribution of new medical products to fulfil unmet clinical needs, with an initial major focus on cannabis and has established partnerships with manufacturers who are dedicated to producing dependable, cost-effective and clinically validated product.

Elite Pharmaco, founded by “cannabis veterans” such as Robin Emerson and Liam McGreevy, will reportedly focus on providing a consistent supply of high-quality and innovative medical cannabis products, and cutting-edge supply solutions to improve the patient and healthcare professional experience.

The aim is to provide clients and their patients with full-service access to the highest quality cannabis-derived products and sales and distribution networks across Ireland, the UK, the EU and over the coming months into the wider world markets.

Robin Emerson, a co-founder, said: “For cannabis to remain a dynamic growth industry, it must offer more products, processes and solutions that are clinically validated, safe, sustainable and cost-effective so more patients can benefit from this transformative plant.

“Our purpose is to meet the needs of the medical cannabis market by providing the best products, expert services and consulting to exceed expectations at all times to suppliers, partners and patients.

“This will ensure we have a seamless experience for patients in the UK and in Europe.”

Liam McGreevy, a co-founder, added: “This is a multifaceted emerging market, characterised by growers at one end to distributors of products at the other.

“As the industry heads towards increased regulation, reaping the benefits of the European medical cannabis market requires a strong and sustainable business strategy sustained by robust and trusted support.

“At Elite, we bring those qualities and more.”

Elite Pharmaco has signed a strategic distribution and Clinical consulting agreement with a leading Biopharma company, MGC Pharmaceuticals, the first cannabis company to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Working closely with the MHRA, NIHR, NHS and other key stakeholders Elite Pharmaco is well-positioned to provide its expertise and assistance with regulatory compliance for new and established companies within the UK cannabis industry.

Ron Lipsky, VP of Business Development at MGC Pharmaceuticals on signing the Agreement with Elite Pharmaco, said: “The distributor in every country is crucial to ensuring consistent and effective delivery of the medicines we make to the patients.

“Our choice is always to find distributors with an innate understanding of their local regulations and pathways.

“Given Elite’s personal background and continued commitment to patient access and advocacy, MGC sees the relationship as a significant element of our UK strategy.”

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