The world’s first medical grade vaporiser is now available to UK customers 

22nd September 2021

Medical cannabis users in the UK will be able to get access to a game-changing vaporiser now after new formulas by the first medical cannabis firm on the London Stock Exchange have been made available on a CBD marketplace.

According to a press release, VapePod, the device that is designed for a wide variety of conditions, including insomnia and sleep disorders, pain management and PTSD, is now available on Handpicked CBD.

The statement says Kanabo’s high-quality pure hemp distillate CBD formulas are market leading with up to 86% cannabinoids, and the vaporisation of CBD means it is fast acting compared to other products like tinctures or edibles.

Each cartridge that goes into the VapePod contains 360mg of CBD and has a blend of terpenes derived from the hemp plant giving you a real hemp flower taste and experience. The cartridges contain 300+ doses, and lasts between six to eight weeks.

Avihu Tamir, the CEO of Kanabo, said: “We are delighted to offer our CBD wellness line through Handpicked CBD.

“Consumers now have access to the strongest yet non-intoxicating CBD formulas with only the highest quality of ingredients.

“Kanabo’s R&D team has created these fast-acting formulas with the health and wellness of consumers in mind.”

In an interview with Canex, Mr Tamir expressed his plans to create Europe’s biggest medical cannabis company – and Kanabo is well on its way to reaching this target.

Mr Tamir also added that a change is well overdue in the UK as he predicts medical cannabis will be accessible via the NHS, something millions are waiting for.

He told us: “Business-wise, Germany will probably be the biggest market in the near future. However, we do believe there’s going to be a boom in the UK medical cannabis market in the next two years.

“I think we’re close to the point when GP’s will be able to prescribe cannabis, and when that happens, cannabis will be available for everyone.”

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