My-Lifeline CBD Cold Brew: A Canex Review

26th January 2021

With 70 million cups of coffee being drank every single day here in the UK, it really is no wonder CBD coffee has become such a hit.

Marketed as ‘calm but kick-ass’ I was excited to try this CBD cold brew.

Here’s what My-Lifeline’s founder Christen says about the brand…

“I’ve always loved being incredibly busy, synonymous with living, achieving, and being happy. To some extent that has been true.

Until a series of medical investigations made me realise that living at 100 miles per hour was perhaps not worth endangering my vital organs. Could there be a compromise?

I started paying attention to my physical and mental well-being for the first time. I discovered CBD in 2018 and reading about it intrigued me. I couldn’t understand why we were not talking more widely about a compound with so many possible benefits.

After experimenting with how I can incorporate it into my life (I didn’t particularly enjoy the drops) I settled on coffee – the productive meeting the soothing. Self-care without stopping. Calm but kick-ass!

My Lifeline was born.”

I’m a regular coffee drinker myself but I can get a little jittery if I’m not careful. I never had that ‘on edge’ feeling with My-lifeline and the smooth and light taste of a cold brew is something I particularly enjoy. As you can imagine, we have tried A LOT of CBD coffee here at Canex and this one was truly great. Producing a drink product with CBD without an oily film on top but Christen really got it. It’s delicious!

Not only is the packaging and branding BEAUTIFUL, it is also 100% recyclable. All of My Lifeline cold brews are made in the Uk, organic, sugar-free, and vegan friendly. They are easy to pop into your bag for an on the go caffeine hit and can actually be bought in a box of 6, which we think is a very cost-effective and entirely more sustainable option than nipping into your local coffee shop.

My personal favourite was the ‘Calm’ coconut cold brew, not only because it contains 20mg of CBD per 200mg bottle but because it contains a whole host of organic extracts for added health benefits…

Coconut – popular for its antioxidant properties.

Vanilla – contains magnesium, potassium, antibacterial antioxidant, and antidepressant properties.

Cardamom – lowers blood pressure and improves breathing.

I also just wanted to point out that the ‘Collected’ spiced cold brew with ice, vanilla syrup and a dash of vodka is heavenly but you know, you should really try that for yourself.


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