New All-Female Led CBD Group to Launch in London

1st February 2021

South West Brands today launches the first multi-brand consumer goods group developed specifically for the CBD industry.

The all-female management team led by entrepreneur Rebekah Hall have raised funds to launch their first new brands in the menstrual care and beauty categories in April 2021.

Rebekah Hall, CEO of South West Brands said: “South West Brands will house the global CBD brands of the future, bringing scale and purpose-led products to a segment that lacks real consumer cut through.

“This sector will be defined by brand builders and we intend to create The Hut Group of cannabis.

“Our recent successful funding round involves experienced institutional investors and validates our vision to elevate the CBD segment to the next level of powerful consumer relevance.”

South West Brands is planning to launch, acquire and bring compelling CBD brands to market, using capital and operational-light model honed by the team’s extensive CPG experience.

Targeting high-margin and high-volume product categories, South West invests heavily in brand IP, a digital-first approach and unique licencing and celebrity partnerships.

The UK is home to the largest consumer CBD industry outside of the USA – making it the ideal location from which to launch and scale CBD products with mass consumer appeal.

Despite this vast market potential, the majority of CBD products lack brand development and the right commercialisation strategy, resulting in a fragmented market defined by weak brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Combining an industry-leading focus on the brand with product purpose and integrity, South West Brands is expertly placed to rapidly capture market share and consumer recognition in retail’s most transformative new category.

The group has raised close to £1m in the last six months to launch South West Brands and its first consumer propositions.

For the next 12 months, the team will be tapping into the current cannabis sentiment in the capital markets and raising further capital (£5m-£10m) for acquisitions and expansion.

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