New Craft CBD Spirits Range to be Released by Top Beverages

13th November 2019

The UK spirits producer, Top Beverages, has announced the release of nine new CBD-infused craft spirits, later this month. The innovative start-up has revealed that their extensive collection will include gins, vodkas, and rums, all infused with cannabidiol.

Top Beverages’ new range consists of three separate collections: the Classic Collection; the Signature Collection; and the Spice collection. Each collection features a new flavour of gin, vodka, and rum, all of which contain 50mg of full-spectrum CBD. All Top Beverages’ spirits are distilled in Abroath, Scotland.

Co-founders Nicholas Pullen and Saf Ali met five years ago in Barcelona and soon set out to change the landscape of the UK’s spirits industry. Both Pullen and Ali use CBD for its inflammatory properties, to manage “aches and pains”, and wanted to develop a high-end, enjoyable product, that incorporated this benefit.

Nicholas Pullen, a co-founder of craft CBD spirits company Top Beverages, said:

“We formed Top to make spirts with premier CBD infusions around three core values: superior taste, clean ingredients, and daring flavours”.

Top Beverages made its initial release of CBD spirits earlier this year, with their 50mg CBD classic gin and spiced rum. This latest collection, however, showcases the founders’ dedication to producing unique and daring beverages. All of the spirits in the collection are distilled to 54.5% proof.

New Craft CBD Spirits Range to be Released by Top Beverages
Source: Top Beverages

The Signature Collection

Firstly. the Classic Collection showcases Top Beverages’ foundation spirits, with lemon, lime, and orange-infused gin, classic rum, and original vodka.

The Signature Collection

In addition, the Signature collection brings some slightly more unique flavours to the range. A super gin – infused with Top’s classic ingredients, alongside blueberries, goji berries, and açai berries; a Mocha rum, full of a coffee aroma and flavour; and a Citrus vodka complete the Signature Collection.

The Spice Collection

Finally, the Spice Collection instills some truly unique flavours. Top Beverages has created a ‘Bloody Mary’ inspired gin, infused with fresh tomatoes, Valencian orange, celery, black pepper, and red chilli. The collection also includes a spiced rum and masala vodka.


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