Pollen – New Luxury CBD Brand Gets Approval from Kim K

14th February 2020

One of the co-founders of alcoholic confectionary company, Smith & Sinclair, has launched a new luxury CBD brand – Pollen. The brand launched towards the end of last year, with an array of products, now available on their website and at The Drug. Store (online and in-store).

Melanie Goldsmith, co-founder and Managing Director of Smith & Sinclair, developed Pollen with the aim of creating one of the highest quality luxury CBD brands on the market. And the brand recently caught the attention of one of the most famous faces to speak about their love of CBD – Kim Kardashian West.

Kardashian West recently shared a post with a picture of Pollen’s CBD gummies with the comment: “i loved your products! They are amazing!”

The luxury CBD brand has also received praise from other celebrities, such as Vas J Morgan and Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson to celebrity stylists like Juliet Angus.

Goldsmith said of her new luxury CBD venture:

“It was so important to me to develop a range of products with real integrity. We made sure we used natural flavourings from ingredients such as grapefruit, raspberry, turmeric and lemon and worked really hard to deliver transparency too with these ranges.”

Pollen - New Luxury CBD Brand Launches in the UK
Source: Pollen

Pollen’s CBD Drink Drops

Pollen uses water-soluble CBD in their multi-flavour drink drops, to maximise the amount of the compound absorbed into your system. water-soluble CBD allows the compound to dissolve completely into your drink, unlike CBD oil, which separates from the water in a drink. It also minimises the CBD taste, making for more enjoyable and tasty dosing.

Moreover, the drops have been developed with the use of natural ingredients, including honey, vanilla, raspberry, blackcurrant, and grapefruit. Each 100ml bottle contains 50 x 2ml serving, each of which packs a 10mg, 20mg, or 30mg punch of broad-spectrum CBD.

Pollen Drink Drops range from £55-£135 dependent on CBD concentration.

Pollen’s CBD Gummies

Goldsmith takes Pollen back to her first venture – an alcoholic confectionery company known as Willy Wonka for adults – with Pollen’s CBD gummies. Each gummy in the range is infused with 10mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil.

Pollen’s luxury CBD gummies come in three flavours: Cacao, lemon, and orange; Turmeric, cayenne, and grapefruit; Honey and cherry. The products retail at £25 for a box of 18 gummies. Alternatively, a box of 30 gummies is priced at £35.


A sparkling CBD-infused fruit drink developed to provide a wellness alternative too other carbonated drinks. Each 330ml can of Pollenade is infused with 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD and is made using natural ingredients. In addition, each can contains only 50 calories.

Pollenade retails at £3.30 per can, or alternatively, £18 for a box of 6.


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