New Study Shows Majority of Americans Still Don’t Know What CBD Is

23rd April 2021

The majority of people in the US have still not tried any CBD products and do not know the difference between CBD and THC, according to a recently published landmark survey. 

Invisibly has polled 1087 people to learn more about the public’s knowledge of cannabis and its derivatives in the US, and the results are telling…

The survey revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents (62%) have never even tried a CBD product, with the majority (53%) being unwilling to try them for any reason.

Researchers also found that 58% of respondents didn’t know the difference between CBD and products containing THC, such as cannabis.

However, of the remaining 47% of respondents who said they would consider using a CBD product, 24% said they would use it to reduce stress and anxiety, 14% said they would use or consider using CBD to reduce both stress and physical pain, and 9% said they would use or consider using CBD solely to reduce chronic physical pain.

Of respondents who reported CBD use, 40% said that their primary reason for use was to reduce stress and anxiety. Other reported reasons for use were to reduce chronic or physical pain (17%), and “both to reduce stress and physical pain” (32%).

At the same time, of the respondents who had tried CBD, 14% used it in an ingestible form, 11% as a topical ointment or cream, and 13% had tried it in both ingestible and topical form.

When discussed the results, researchers at Invisibly said: “We learned that people across the board are considering CBD products, though primarily women are the ones who are using them more.

“Surprisingly, more than half of those surveyed did not know the difference between CBD and cannabis, but this also makes sense as to why so many people overall are not willing to try a CBD product.

“People who are open to trying CBD are looking to alleviate stress and anxiety or to soothe chronic physical pain.

“Non-binary individuals were the least active CBD users in the survey, but among them, they were more likely to use CBD in topical form.

“Based on these findings, it’s women represent the majority using CBD products, and they are using it to either relieve stress and anxiety or to alleviate chronic pain.”

People were polled between March 2 and 24, 2021. For more information, visit Invisibly’s website, here.

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