New Wellness Brand Launches CBD Drinks Range

2nd August 2019

Another UK Wellness brand has launched a range utilising the therapeutic potential of the cannabinoid, CBD. MEDA, a UK-based company, has launched a range of seven ready-to-drink CBD-infused drinks, this week.

Spurred on by a gap in the market, MEDA are on a mission to help consumers to return to their optimal self. The ready-to-drink flavoured drinks are designed to aid in the mission of a healthier self, with the help of CBD.

MEDA has combined CBD with other wellness ingredients to create a range of products that aim to promote an array of wellness effects.  CBD has been found to have a catalogue of potential therapeutic and medicinal effects, and MEDA believes that these different combinations can emphasise these effects. All MEDA products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

The company prides itself on being an advocate for self-wellness, and sustainability, MEDA uses UK-produced products and manufacturers, and a portion of their profits are donated to local and national charities.

New Wellness Brand Launches CBD Drinks Range
Source: MEDA

The flavours are:

CALM – Lavender and Chamomile flavour

“Ease anxiety and tension. Take a daily dose of MEDA to de-stress.”

This product combines CBD with L-Theanine, which is thought to have anxiety, depression and stress-reducing potential; and Ashwagandha, a plant product and ancient traditional medicine, known to relieve stress and anxiety, and boost brain function.

MEDA Calm also contains B Vitamin blend, Lemon Balm, Lavender essential oil, and Chamomile.

CLEANSE – Lemon and lime flavour

“Keep it clean. Take a daily dose of MEDA to banish the bad stuff.”

MEDA’s ‘Cleanse’ edition introduces milk thistle and N-Acetyl-cysteine. Some people believe that milk thistle can be an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. N-Acetyl-cysteine is an anti-oxidant that is thought to aid healthy liver function.

MEDA Cleanse also contains Turmeric, Broccoli sprouts, Dandelion extract, and Alpha-lipoic acid.

Defence – Cranberry and Lime

“Fight off illness, Take a daily dose of MEDA to defend yourself.”

The Defence edition combines CBD with Vitamin C to maintain a healty immune system, and Echinacea to fight infection and reduce cold and flu symptoms.

MEDA Defence also contains Cranberry, Aronia Berry, and Zinc.

The four other editions of the CBD drinks range are:

Focus -mixed with Panax Ginseng and Rosemary.

Glow – mixed with Marine Collagen and Biotin.

Recover – mixed with Turmeric and Ginger.

Sleep – mixed with Valerian Root and 5HTP.

The collection will be available to buy on their website, soon. The products will retail at £33 for a box of 6.

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