OTO CBD Company Launches New CBD Shots

20th August 2019

OTO, a UK-based company dedicated to creating high-quality CBD products, has launched a new range of CBD shots. The company already produces non-alcoholic CBD bitters and a range of CBD roll-on oils. 

The CBD products company launched earlier this year and has already introduced roll-on oils, a pillow mist, and high-strength, non-alcoholic cocktail bitters to their range of products. The most recent launch is a range of high-dose CBD shots. There are three flavours in the new range, each containing 50mg of CBD and designed to achieve a different effect.

Co-creator of OTO, Gemma Colao, said:

“We’ve designed three unique blends that perfectly complement our customer’s needs, from improving focus to creating more balance in their everyday lives.”

The flavours are:

Focus – Spice‘ which contains lemongrass, yuzu, cinnamon, wild mint, and ginger. This shot is designed to “enhance concentration and help users stay engaged”;

Amplify – Zest‘ which uses turmeric, grapefruit, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper. Designed to “help you feel your very best when out and about”;

Balance – Bloom‘ which embraces chamomile, lavender, holy basil, gooseberry and kiwi fruit. This shot is designed to “promote calm and balance throughout the day and into the night”.

Several experts came together to develop the drinks range. OTO Managing Director, Gemma Colao, was joined by food scientist Dr. Ketan Joshi; a Founding Director of Sipsmith Gin; Antonia Jamison; and CEO of DMD Ventures, James Bagley.

CBD has taken off in the UK over the last couple of years, with estimates that 6 million people have tried the Cannabis-derivative. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of CBD in the UK, companies are looking into ways of incorporating the ingredient into their products.

Consequently, OTO has produced the range to increase easy access to an exact dose of CBD. Dr. Ketan Joshi claims that the company has “carried out extensive research and trials to determine the optimum daily dose of CBD.” As a result, the shots contain the same dose (50mg) as the recommended serving of OTO’s non-alcoholic bitters.

All of OTO’s products are alcohol-free so, the consumer has the option to add their own alcohol. The shots are designed to be enjoyed on their own or, similarly to OTO’s bitters, can be added to cocktails.

The London-based company is also in the process of developing a CBD skincare range. In the pipeline is a CBD overnight face mask; a CBD night cream; and a CBD eye cream.

The shots are available to buy through their website. OTO bitters, roll-on oils, and pillow mist can also be purchased online.


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