Paso CBD Poised to Add Products to Its Stylish CBD Range

21st November 2019
By Emily Ledger

Despite only being open for around two months, Paso CBD is doing a great job of representing the most stylish and environmentally-conscious CBD brands in the UK market. Their elegantly branded range of edibles and vape products have been designed perfectly with the stylish and eco-conscious CBD-lover in mind.

Cousins, Sophie Morrison and Alex Pejacsevich, decided to leave their jobs in consultancy and law in favour of the Cannabis industry in 2018. Before diving headfirst into the emerging UK CBD market, however, the founders gained experience in the sector in California, USA.

From there, armed with their new knowledge of the plant and its derivatives, the cousins began Paso. Created to encourage winding down and chilling out, the brand markets itself to both new and experienced CBD users. To this end, Paso’s range includes edibles in the form of chocolate and gummies, and vape products in a variety of flavours.

Paso CBD Co-founder Sophie, explains:

“We want to bring CBD into the mainstream. The always-on generation finds it increasingly hard to take a step back. We wanted to create a brand that encourages them to do that.”

Paso sources its broad-spectrum hemp extract from hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon. The extracts are then tested by an independent lab to ensure quality and compliance with UK manufacturing regulations. The vape products are also guaranteed to meet Europe’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practise’ standards.

Paso CBD Poised to Add Products to Its Stylish CBD Range
Source: Paso CBD

The company’s edible products are both handmade in small batches in London. On offer are three chocolates (white, milk, and dark), all containing 75mg of broad-spectrum CBD. There are also three flavours of CBD-infused gummies (Apple, Blueberry, and Cranberry), packing a 20mg punch of CBD per gummy!

In addition to their edible products, Paso also offers a range of vape products, including a sleek rechargeable vape pen. Paso’s vape cartridges come in five flavours: Original, Mint, Mango Kush, Sour Deisel, and Lemon Amnesia.

Paso CBD Co-founder Alex, adds:

“We have developed a fantastic range of user-friendly products so that our customers can choose to take CBD in a range of ways that work best for them. Paso is all about delivering the highest quality, transparent CBD products but where taste and all round brand experience are held to equally high standards.”

The company is also poised to release a new range of CBD oil tinctures before the year is out. Hopefully, the new products will be on the market in early December, and we can’t wait to see them!


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