PATCH ADAM CBD Gummies: A Canex Review

9th April 2021

Have you thought about diving into the world of CBD but not really sure where to start? Patch Adam CBD Gummy Bears are a great initial introduction to CBD and an easy starting point to integrate it into your lifestyle.

Let’s look into the brand…

Patch Adam is a family-run business located in London, UK with the vision to expand to Europe and the USA as well as here in the UK.

The brand was formed by the Taylor family along with their close friend and chief infusionologist, Oliver Mammon. CBD has been an important part of Adam’s (one of the brothers) life after suffering from anxiety since childhood. Exploring the relief CBD gave him was an important part of the business journey and even inspired the name, Patch Adam.

They have a wealth of knowledge in the CBD industry and stock a variety of high-quality products BUT today we are going to talk about one in particular… CBD Gummy Bears.

We’ve tried the 20mg CBD tub here at Canex which retails at £34.99 for 25 servings. The 10mg CBD tub is a little more cost-effective at £24.99. I will link those here.

These gummies are particularly easy to take anywhere and at anytime. They are so easy in fact, you really need to remember that they aren’t just sweet and you should really only be taking one-two a day. Remember to read the instructions.

I know, I know, we all want to just dive straight into a tub of something sweet, don’t we?

Let’s move on to taste…

These gummies are coated in a high-quality CBD rather than being infused meaning you absorb the CBD before actually finishing the gummy itself. The first thing I did notice about the taste was, as you would expect, the initial bitter hemp taste. Some of us love it here, some of us hate it.
If it’s something you don’t particularly like it only lasts for a second before the juicy, fruity taste of the gummy bear kicks in. It’s a double win if you ask me.

The packaging is compact and colourful, they have years of experience and knowledge in the CBD industry and they are approved by The Cannabis trades Association UK.

If Gummy bears aren’t your thing, Patch Adam does a whole host of other CBD-packed products you could try.

– CBD drops in an assortment of flavours
– Multivitamins CBD Drops
– CBD Lip Balm
– Deep Relief CBD Muscle Rub
– Heated CBD Muscle balm
– CBD Bath Bomb

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