Pensioners Treated Like Criminals in Hungary for Purchasing Hemp Seeds

11th September 2020

74-year-old Hans Molenkamp and his wife, Mip, have been fighting with Hungarian authorities for years after wanting to produce their own CBD oil in a Hungarian village. The Dutch couple became persons of interest when ordered a small bag of hemp seed from The Netherlands.

The Molenkamps moved to a small Hungarian village back in 2007. As 444 reports, the couple wanted to produce CBD oil because they found that commercial oils cost too much.

Mr Molenkamp claims to have begun using CBD when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1979. He and his wife have been familiar with the cannabinoid and have used it regularly ever since.

Hans began using  CBD oil once again in 2010 too when he was diagnosed with life-threatening prostate cancer. Doctors told him there was a 12 mm large tumour which was life-threatening.

Mr Molenkamp chose to defer the suggested treatment and went ahead with CBD. He added, 16 months later, his urologist was shocked to see him.

He said: “When I told him I was going to quit the therapy he didn’t understand it.

‘What have you done?’, he asked. I said, ‘nothing. I was only using CBD.’”

According to the couple, they have been using CBD every single day ever since.

Furthermore, they tested it on one of their dogs who was “starting to lose his role as the alpha.” Mrs Molenkamp (Mip) secretly gave the pet one drop of CBD for a while and claims that the dog “came back.”

Mr Molenkamp added: “People can suffer from autosuggestion (placebo effect) because they really want to believe in something. A dog doesn’t have that mechanism. They are either feeling well or not.”

Where did the Police Come In?

After a while, Mip and Hans decided to grow hemp plants in their garden in order to make their own CBD oil. Their misfortune began in 2016 when they hadn’t found the hemp seeds they had been after, so they ordered some from the Netherlands.

However, the Dutch seeds never arrived as the package was confiscated at Budapest Airport.

He said: “One day, in the middle of the street, a police car stopped. ‘Molenkamp Hans, come out!’ They were shouting.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I asked them if they could do it in a slightly softer manner, as every single one of my neighbours was terrified.

“The story was already out. They thought we had been hiding 18 illegal migrants.

“I was invited to the police station so I thought we could talk. But no, as there was this harsh policeman who was treating me as a criminal.”

The aftermath

The case was pushed around for four years, and Hans was interrogated numerous times.

An expert talking to 444 speculated that the Police may have had some kind of preconception about Dutch people and cannabis which was used against the Molenkamps when it emerged that they had ordered hemp seeds.

Also, the expert working for the authorities was using researches published in 1966. However, the seed the couple wanted to use was only bred in the 1990s.

Mr Molenkamp said: “They did morphological research. There were two seeds: a cannabis seed and a hemp seed.

“They cut them in half, and said both of them were drugs – without any sort of chemical analysis.”

Finally, after all those years, the case was dropped. The authorities, as they lacked a thorough enough research, we’re unable to prove the Molenkamps were acting either lawfully or unlawfully.

Sadly enough, it means that in Hungary authorities don’t know the difference between drug dealers and industrial growers.

According to the law, the cultivation of industrial hemp is legal in Hungary. The only rule is if the authorities have questions, the producer must verify the origin of the sown seed. To avoid any sort of misunderstanding, it is advised to keep the receipt and the seed bag’s label after purchase.

The Molenkamps feel that they deserve at least an apology from the authorities and for their DNA and data to be removed from the database as they are “not criminals”.

“I want to be compensated for all those years of living as a nervous wreck,” said Mr. Molenkamp.

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