Playboy Launches First Range of CBD Products

16th September 2020

Playboy has become the latest large, international brand to enter the ever-growing CBD market. The company has announced the launch of the CBD by Playboy  range, with an aim to boost sexual wellness and intimacy. 

The range will include an arousal spray, priced at $45, an intimacy warming gel ($47), and a bath bomb ($15). Each product contains a dose of cannabidiol (CBD) alongside a number of other natural ingredients:

Playboy’s CBD Intimacy Gel  contains CBD extract alongside Maca root and goat weed.

The CBD Arousal Spray  contains hemp oil, Kava, and Vitamin B.

The brand’s CBD Bath Bombs also contain hemp oil alongside essential oils and rose petals.

Playboy announced the closing of its iconic, flagship print magazine in May this year following a decrease in sales and financial difficulties aggravated by the Coronavirus pandemic. A number of sources have reported that CBD use has increased significantly throughout the months of the Coronavirus and resulting lockdowns, as record numbers of people experienced feelings of anxiety.

Playboy Launches CBD Products
Credit: Playboy – Pleasure for All

Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant, which has developed a reputation for its recreational uses. However, unlike THC – the most common cannabinoid produced by the plant – CBD does not produce a ‘high’ when consumed. Yet, the compound has been found to have a number of benefits, including decreasing feelings of pain and anxiety. Some have theorised that the cannabinoid could be helpful in sexual wellness due to these properties.

In a statement, Anita Little, sex and culture editor at Playboy, said:

Our aim is to provide everyone with the knowledge—and now also the sexual wellness products they need—to have the most fulfilling sexual experiences possible.”

Playboy’s CBD products have been designed with an aim to heighten sexual experiences. In addition, the brand is also launching a new website – Pleasure for All – which will host Playboy’s new wellness products and offer a resource for sexual education.

The brand has teamed up with healthcare class platform Allbodies to provide valuable and practical information and tips on sexual equality and achieving more satisfying and sensual experiences.

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