Prohibition Partners LIVE: A Groundbreaking Online Cannabis Conference

26th March 2020

A huge number of scheduled events around the world, including the Olympics, the Euros, and many conferences, have experienced significant disruption due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While many organisers have made the difficult decision to postpone their events, Prohibition Partners have taken a different route: Prohibition Partners LIVE – an online, virtual cannabis conference.

Prohibition Partners LIVE will present a large number of online conferences, learning resources, and networking opportunities to a global audience. The virtual event will feature speeches and presentations from cannabis industry experts, scientists, and business owners. In addition, resources such as educational workshops and networking opportunities will also be available.

Currently, three industry-leading contributors have been announced:

Cannabis Europa – Cannabis Europa presents global conference events in locations around the world. As a contributor to Prohibition Partners LIVE, Cannabis Europa will present a series of online keynote speakers, networking events, and educational dialogues.

PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium – A collection of healthcare, science, and business experts from around the world will provide insights into their latest findings and analysis of the psychedelics sector.

Cannabis Oceania – Focused on the cannabis space in the Asia-pacific market, Cannabis Oceania will present a one-day programme featuring industry leaders from across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

More contributors are to be announced in the coming weeks.

prohibition partners live cannabis event
Speakers at Prohibition Partners 2019 event.

‘Attendees’ will be able to experience international networking opportunities without the risk of traveling in the current global climate. They will also be sitting in on keynote speeches from an array of professionals from all over the world. Interactive paneling, educational workshops, and ‘ask an expert’ sessions will also feature.

“We’re leveraging our strengths and expertise to bring you industry-leading content, unparalleled insight and targeted networking without the risk of travel.”

For more information and to join the waiting list for tickets to the Prohibition Partners LIVE event, visit their website.


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