Prohibition Partners LIVE: The World’s Biggest Virtual Cannabis Event

20th October 2020

Prohibition Partners is once again getting ready to launch another installment of the world’s largest virtual cannabis event. Prohibition Partners LIVE is back, with a huge array of speakers, guests, and conferences across 4 days, this November. 

The four-day event, from 17-20th November, will bring together advocates, experts, innovators, and businesses from all over the world to share their expertise and knowledge of the global cannabis sector.

Prohibition Partners LIVE: Event Schedule

This world-leading virtual conference gives you the opportunity to gain insight, and network with thousands of pioneers, as well as over 100 speakers. Each day of the conference will offer the opportunity to learn and become involved in different aspects of the global cannabis industry.

Day 1 (17th November): Science and Research

Join Prohibition Partners for a day of panels, debates, speeches, and networking opportunities aimed at exploring the most exciting scientific developments across the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

Learn about the latest innovations and research from sustainable farming, personalised medicine, and AI in the supply chain to micro-dosing psychedelics!

Day 2 (18th November): Policy and Reform

While the public and some jurisdictions continue to become more interested in the benefits and potential of cannabis and recognise the failures of the ‘war on drugs’, education of policy and policy reform is more important than ever.

The second day of Prohibition Partners LIVE will bring together politicians, healthcare experts, and business leaders to discuss crucial topics in this area. Tune in to learn more about The Cannabis Tax Experiment and The True Impact of Prohibition.

prohibition partners LIVE
Past Prohibition Partners LIVE Event

Day 3 (19th November): Business and Investment

Building on their position as one of the leading sources of independent data, intelligence and strategy for the cannabis industry, Prohibition Partners LIVE will host a number of expert speakers who will be sharing their knowledge of the industry.

Attendees will be given insights into the key commercial opportunities across the supply chain, as well as how cannabis and cannabinoids are continuing to disrupt mainstream industries across the world.

Day 4 (20th November): Culture and Innovation

In addition to conversations and speeches aimed at understanding the politics, science, and innovation of the cannabis industry, Prohibition Partners LIVE will also showcase panels and debates that will tackle important cultural aspects of cannabis.

The final day of the four-day event will be dedicated to disseminating the cultural implications of the developing cannabis industry. Day 4 will also aim to address how the industry is transitioning to the next stage of development and how innovators are interpreting the ever-changing market.


The Prohibition Partners LIVE virtual event will host an extensive list of influential speakers, from business owners and investors to policymakers and politicians. Among the speakers that have already been announced are MP for the Scottish National Party, Ronnie Cowan; Co-Founder & CEO of Miss Grass, Katie Miller; and Natalie Papillion, from the Board of Directors for The Last Prisoner Project.

Tickets – Get them while you still can!

Connect with thousands of industry leaders and pioneers across the Prohibition Partners LIVE four-day event!

Tickets can be purchased, here.

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