New partnership formed to create psilocybin patch for mental health conditions

27th August 2021

A noted psychedelic medicine start-up has announced plans to develop a transdermal patch for sustained delivery of psilocybin, the active ingredient in ‘magic’ mushrooms, for mental health applications.

According to a joint statement issued by Ei.Ventures and Tioga Research, the target is to apply the therapeutic potential of psychedelics to help the millions of people that suffer from some of the most severe mental health problems.

Transdermal technology is already used widely, with nicotine patches in regular day-to-dat use by many people around the world.

David Nikzad, the CEO of Ei.Ventures, said: “We are over the moon to join with one of the top transdermal delivery research specialists, Tioga Research, to begin developing products that could potentially help millions of people manage their mental health issues – depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. with a patch.

“Additionally, with the increasing legality and popularity of psilocybin mushrooms, transdermal delivery could become a popular method for micro-dosing which helps with mental clarity and mood stabilization as well.”

John M. Newsam, CEO of Tioga Research added: “By working with Ei.Ventures on a blue sky project of this nature, we will deploy our proprietary technologies and deep expertise to address key psilocin formulation issues, such as delivery and stability.

“A transdermal delivery route can circumvent issues with oral administration, such as nausea.”

The news comes after the report that scientists are working on a wearable pharmaceutical device that would provide future psychedelics patients with the recommended dosage of psychedelics, such as DMT and LSD, for the best experience possible.

The company has revealed plans to create a device that would work in a similar way to an insulin pump.

The pump would be attached to the stomach after being calibrated to deliver the correct dose, frequency, and intensity of psychedelics like DMT, LSD, or mescaline.

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