PurHealthRX Completes Clinical Trials on Anti-Aging Effects of CBD

4th October 2019

PurHealthRX, a health and wellness company, has completed clinical trials analysing the anti-aging effects of CBD. The trials have uncovered some promising results in relation to possible anti-aging skincare products.

The US-based randomised, placebo-controlled study recruited 150 participants, to test the effects of the company’s Purzorb® formulation on the effects of aging. The results showed that the full-spectrum hemp CBD oil had a significant positive effect on symptoms.

The effects of the formulation were measured by a number of common aging markers, including inflammation, cardiovascular and metabolic indicators. The study also tracked the effects of the CBD oil on anxiety and sleep.

CEO of PurHealthRX, Matt Smith, said:

“By showing a significant effect on so many of these factors, there is strong evidence that the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in the anti-aging process.”

The company claims this is the first non-pharmaceutical study to demonstrate both the safety and efficacy of naturally occurring CBD in this area. Results from the study seem to support the belief that the cannabinoid can have positive effects on the skin, by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin’s surface.

When assessing the anti-aging effects of CBD, researchers focused on inflammatory markers. These included Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Interleukin 6, C-Reactive Protein and NF-κB. One of the most notable findings was a significant fall in HA1c levels.

HA1c is a form of haemoglobin linked to the aging process. Aging is typically associated with an increase in HA1c levels. The study also measured metabolism and cardiovascular-related factors associated with aging.

PurHealthRX have been developing ways of delivering cannabinoids effectively since 2014. Their method converts oil-based nutrients (like CBD) into water-soluble formulations, which are absorbed more easily by the body.

The company produces a number of CBD-based products globally. Their products are available both commercially, through their retail brand ‘Pur 7’, and through licensed healthcare professionals, through their brand ‘Med 7’.

The Purzorb® formulation is also marketed as Biosorb™ in products sold through Q Sciences.


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