Rebel Wine: A Canex Review

25th March 2021

CBD and wine may not be two things you expect to go together so well but Rebel Wine ltd has done just that. Not only creating one wine or two but THREE CBD wines.

A Merlot, Rosé and a Sauvignon Blanc.

Here’s what Rebel Wine says about their brand…

“The Rebel story really began in Zimbabwe in the early ’90s, when demand for anything even resembling wine far exceeded supply. Rupert, chief Rebel, worked out there as a commercial pilot in those days, so bringing in a steady supply of delicious South African wine was pretty straightforward.

Sales were so good that, on return to these shores in 2005, a wine business was the only sensible option. Southern wines was born then, specialising in our favourite South African wine, which continues to flourish today.

Rebel Wine is the latest addition to the portfolio, concentrating on slightly different products, which may not always appear to mainstream winos.

After all, as we say in these parts ‘if you follow all the rules, you miss out on the fun!’ So, let’s have some fun.”

We loved the cans with their beautiful retro imagery and just enough for a decent-sized glass.

Rebels CBD wines are natural wines, meaning they go a little cloudy when poured but you know, the can IS pretty convenient for quicker consumption. I’m extremely picky with the wine I consume but these are so drinkable. Dry without leaving a burn in your mouth or chest which is usually how I judge a good wine for me. It’s got to be a pleasurable experience right? And these CBD wines truly are.

CBD wine

We love the ‘goes well with’ section on their site…


Goes well with…

Spicy Thai prawns, grilled Portuguese sardines or a fresh tomato, feta, and pomegranate salad, or perhaps a cheeky fish finger sandwich with ketchup. You should also listen to New Orders ‘Be a Rebel’

Sauvignon Blanc

Goes well with…

Sourdough bread and soft cheese or fresh sushi whilst listening to Dolly Partons, Jolene.


Goes well with…

Goes exceptionally well with an egg and bacon butty with David Bowies, Rebel Rebel on.

Rebel wines CBD is sourced from organically grown Hemp in Colorado, one of the premium regions for growing Hemp and is, of course, 100% natural. Approximately 70% of their cans are made from already recycled cans and they can all be recycled giving them a lower carbon footprint in comparison to glass.

There’s really no wonder Rebel Wine won Bronze in our Canex awards 2020 under our CBD beverages category. You can read that post here.

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