Sapphire Medical Announces Free CPD Certified Medical Cannabis Course

19th March 2021

Sapphire, the UK’s first Care Quality Commission registered cannabis clinic, has become the first clinic to have a course independently evaluated for Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) purposes by The CPD Certification Service.

“An overview of Medical Cannabis for Healthcare Professionals” has received the CPD certification, which gives medical professionals the assurance that the course’s content complies with universally accepted principles and standards of CPD.

It has been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans, and meets the highest level of integrity and quality.

The course, which is free to all UK healthcare professionals via the Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, offers the opportunity to gain education and understanding of treatment with medical cannabis so that they may inform and educate the growing demographic of patients seeking access to medical cannabis.

The modules cover conditions where there is clinical evidence for the use of medical cannabis including Pain Management, Neurological disorders, Psychiatric disorders, Palliative Care, Gastrointestinal Disorders and Paediatric Neurology. Other topics include the pharmacology of medical cannabis, side effects, monitoring, driving and pregnancy.

Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director and Academic Lead at Sapphire Medical, said: “We are very proud to be the first clinic to have a course certified by the CPD, which exists to increase the level of learning across all industries.

“However, the certification is but one of the initiatives we have taken to educate the UK’s medical profession on medical cannabis.

“We have established the UK Medical Cannabis Registry, which collects real-world evidence to provide comprehensive clinical data on the potential of cannabis as medical treatment, alongside the Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, a source of online training and research on medical cannabis.

“Our goal is to ensure all healthcare professionals have the education they need to support patients in their time of need.”

If you would like to apply for the free course, click on this link.

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