Sapphire Medical Clinics Free Medical Cannabis Educational Platform

24th July 2020

Sapphire Medical Clinics set up a new initiative to raise awareness of the lack of education about medical cannabis.

The Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, kicked off in June, was created to provide a first-class, thorough educating programme for patients and healthcare professionals.

According to SMC, this brand new project is the very first free comprehensive platform for medical cannabis education in the United Kingdom.

It was established after the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) evidence committee had found that there was a significant need for specific training of healthcare professionals in cannabis-based medicines.

The Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education is a comprehensive educational platform, with a wide range of learning and networking opportunities:

“In order to secure a country-wide success and availability, free memberships will be offered to those interested in tuition about medical cannabis.”

Also, they will be granted access to a series of online webinars and e-learning modules.

These will cover the latest evidence for treatment with medical cannabis across a range of conditions, dosing and monitoring, modes of administration, and key case study examples.

Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director and Academic Lead of Sapphire Medical Clinics, said: “Our education programme provides healthcare professionals with essential knowledge and insight into medical cannabis and its potential uses.

“We know from a recent YouGov poll that 6.7million adults in the UK would like to discuss cannabis-based treatment options with their healthcare teams.

“We want clinicians to feel confident about when and how to talk to their patients about medical cannabis.”

Carl Holvey, Patient Lead and Chief Pharmacist at Sapphire Medical Clinics added:

“Patients already face barriers when they consider treatment with medical cannabis such as stigma and failed conventional therapy. We have to remove the lack of education amongst our medical profession as one of these barriers.”

Sapphire Medical Clinics (SMC) was formed by doctors whose aim was to provide advice on and access to medical cannabis for patients and healthcare professionals who would benefit from using its active substances where appropriate.

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