Sapphire Medical Clinics expands patient access to cheapest medical cannabis fees in UK

10th December 2021

The UK’s first and highest-rated medical cannabis clinic, Sapphire Medical Clinics, has today announced that it is reducing the cost of its consultations and appointments for patients enrolled through the Sapphire Access Scheme.

This reduction in prices will make the clinic the cheapest option for many patients looking to receive medical cannabis treatments for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses.

From today, patients accessing treatment through the Sapphire Access Scheme will now pay £50 for their initial appointment, as well as for follow-up, quarterly check-ups, and transfer appointments. The Sapphire Access Scheme will be open to an additional 2,000 patients in the UK.

The clinic established the UK Medical Cannabis Registry to offer patients medical cannabis products at a reduced price while collecting and analysing clinical data from real-world evidence “to expand our understanding of medical cannabis in the UK”.

The Sapphire Access Scheme allows patients to be included for free in the UK Medical Cannabis Registry, which currently covers over 3,000 patients in the UK. Patients that are eligible for the scheme are able to benefit from significant cost savings towards their treatment, in recognition of their contribution to ongoing efforts to build an extensive evidence base for the use of medical cannabis.

Dr Simon Erridge, Head of Research and Access at Sapphire Medical Clinics, commented: “As a multi-award-winning medical cannabis clinic, we are delighted to further improve access to this treatment option where other therapies haven’t worked.

“By collecting patient-reported outcomes and producing peer-reviewed analysis in return, together we inform the wider evidence base of the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis, which is essential for ensuring the correct patients are able to access treatment.”

Medical cannabis can be considered as a treatment for a number of conditions – including chronic pain, epilepsy, and insomnia – when first-line options have failed.

Jack Pierce, a patient with Sapphire Medical Clinics, also commented: “I am eligible for treatment as I previously had tried standard therapies for a range of multiple mental health conditions, consisting of Anxiety, Depression, ASD (Autism) and ADHD.

“The Sapphire Access Scheme has allowed me to see a specialist consultant and be prescribed medicines based on my individual needs. I have access to all health metrics such as sleep scores, daily activities and quality of life for free so that I benefit from this scheme as well as contribute to the evidence base which is accelerating in the UK, three years since the change in the law.”

From today (10th December 2021), those who enrol onto the Sapphire Access Scheme will be able to access appointments with specialist consultants at the new lower cost of £50. In addition, there is no cost for repeat prescriptions, making Sapphire the cheapest medical clinic in the country.

Find out more about the Sapphire Access Scheme and pricing:

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