Satipharm Launches New CBD Oil in European Market

22nd August 2019

Satipharm, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian CBD producer, Harvest One, has announced the launch of a new CBD oil. The first oil to be released is a lemon and lime flavour product, with more flavours in the pipeline.

Satipharm’s headquarters in Dublin gives Harvest One an ideal location for launching the product into the European market. Having “looked around Europe for a suitable location and team”, Harvest One decided to reboot the Satipharm company in Ireland, due to it’s proximity to Europe and favourable tax regime.

The new CBD oil is available to purchase through Satipharm’s e-commerce website. The product is expected to join Satipharm’s other products in brick and mortar stores across the UK and Europe imminently. The oil range will join Satipharm’s GelPell® capsules, which are already available in 1,800 stores across the UK.

Chief Executive Officer of Harvest One, Grant Froese, said:

“Our customers can have the same confidence in new Satipharm CBD oils as they do in our existing Satipharm CBD Gelpell® already on the market across Europe.”

“Our new CBD oil illustrates continued movement by Harvest One towards our strategy of building health, wellness, and self-care brands around the world,” he continues.

Satipharm’s Gelpell® capsules are available as a health supplement in big chain stores such as Boots and Holland & Barrett. The company, similarly to all CBD brands and producers, is unable to make any medical claims about their products. However, a recent study found a possible significant benefit to the capsules.

Designed to maximise CBD absorption, the Gelpell® consists of full-spectrum CBD oil within gelatine beads. These beads are contained within a hard casing, which allows the CBD to reach the small intestine, before being metablolised.

A clinical trial, which used Satipharm’s Gelpell® capsules, found that the high concentration of CBD appeared to significantly reduce the number of seizures experienced by paediatric epilptic patients.


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