Shop Offers Free Cannabis to Those Being Vaccinated for Coronavirus

29th January 2021

While the world is still grappling with the Coronavirus, a cannabis dispensary in Michigan has adopted an unusual policy to help convince people to get vaccinated. The Green House cannabis dispensary has been giving away free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to people able to prove that they’ve been vaccinated for the virus.

The Green House dispensary has started its very own ‘Pots for Shots’ programme in Walled House, Michigan, in an attempt to drive citizens to vaccination centres.

The shop owner Jerry Millen told CNN: “We’re all stressed out, but the vaccine is hopefully what’s going to finally end this pandemic, and we just want to reward people who are going ahead of the curve to get the vaccine.

“If I can help stop the pandemic in any slightest way, and this is the way I can do it, so be it.”

In a post published on Green House’s Instagram account, they said those looking to participate in this campaign would have to prove that they had already gotten the jab.

They added: “We’re all hoping that the Covid vaccine is the beginning of the end for this pandemic that has taken such a toll on our neighbours, our communities and our nation.

“If you choose to get the Covid vaccine (we always support the freedom of choice), this is our way of saying thank you for helping to end this pandemic and getting us back to normal.”

In Michigan, recreational cannabis use has been legal since 2018 after the state held a referendum. State-licenced businesses have been able to sell the drug since 2019.

Reportedly, while the campaign was originally planned to run for only a month, Mr Millen claimed if people need more time, they could extend the offer.

According to the latest numbers, Michigan is a little behind in vaccination as only 6.3% of its residents have received at least the first jab. The New York Times also reports that more than 25 million people have now received the first dose in the US.

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