Should You Give CBD to Your Children? A Look at UK Recommendations

7th October 2020

CBD is continuing to gain popularity around the world, in addition to helping re-open the cannabis conversation in many areas. The cannabinoid – also known as cannabidiol – is just one of many such compounds produced by Cannabis Sativa – the most notorious being the ‘high’-inducing THC. However, unlike this well-known compound, CBD does not cause a ‘high’ in its users. 

Today, consumers can visit a growing number of staple health shops, including Boots, Superdrug, and Holland & Barratt, and find an array of CBD products. The ingredient has found its way into a huge selection of products from capsules and oils to gummies, chocolate, and skincare. However, while the compound has no mind-altering properties and has been declared safe and well-tolerated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the sale of these products to people under the age of 18 remains prohibited.

Cannabis Products and CBD in the UK

Policy and cannabis – medical cannabis, at least – has come a long way over the last few years. Medical cannabis has now been recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for a number of conditions, and private clinics that are able to prescribe for even more conditions are growing in prevalence.

The rescheduling of cannabis in 2018 allowed for the medical use of the drug. This change was largely influenced by the high-profile cases of two children with rare forms of treatment-resistant epilepsy. The parents of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley found that a medical cannabis preparation was the medicine that effectively managed their children’s conditions.

Age Restrictions on CBD Products

While CBD has been added to many products that are particularly appealing to children, such as gummy bears, chocolate, and sparkling, fruity drinks, the Cannabis Trades Association UK recommends that CBD products should not be sold to people under the age of 18.

CBD children recommendations
Gummy Bears

Seemingly kid-friendly products like the ones previously mentioned are not the only CBD products available, however. The compound has also been incorporated into decidedly more ‘adult’ products, including beers and spirits (such as gin, rum, and vodka), and of course, vape products. These products are obviously only to be sold to over-18s – with or without the CBD.

To sum up, while some CBD companies may claim (and, possibly, be right in doing so) that their products are safe for children, reputable brands will refuse to sell their products to under-18s. For parents who think that CBD could be beneficial to their child, there is surprisingly little guidance. The decision appears to remain a judgment call!

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