Spain Could Legalise Medical Cannabis Very Soon

14th May 2021

A subcommittee has been set up to examine the benefits of medical cannabis, which could eventually make Spain the next country to legalise the drug for medical use.

Prohibition Partners reports that the Spanish Congress voted in favour of a proposal to establish a subcommittee to investigate the effects of regulated medical cannabis systems in other countries.

While we also reported that Cannabis Social Clubs are very popular and recreational use is decriminalised in Spain, regulations behind medical use should still be addressed in the near future.

As PP says, the Spanish government issued a statement declaring “the decision to create programmes for the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in Spain will be taken, where appropriate, weighing the evidence that exists on its effectiveness of therapeutic treatment and the adverse effects of the use of cannabis.”

According to the report, the new subcommittee has two formal purposes:

1) to analyse the experiences of other governments that have regulated medical cannabis access schemes – This will be completed with the input of foreign government personnel and other experts in the field, and

2) to produce a report with proposals for the best practices in the control of medical cannabis in Spain.

The report will be completed and presented by the subcommittee within six months of the initiation of the project. The report will be appraised by the Health and Consumer Affairs Commission before being sent for further consideration to the Spanish Congress.

The Spanish government has finally realised that it has the opportunity now to join other Western countries and have a regulated, legal medical cannabis market that would potentially be able to help those in need.

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