Supreme Heights Looking to Back Innovative CBD Companies in the UK

23rd July 2019

Investment company Supreme Heights is looking to invest in authentic and passionate UK and European CBD companies. The company is backed by Canadian Cannabis giant The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. 

The potential of massive growth in the industry, has caused a huge number of businesses to jump on the trend. Supreme Heights is hoping to locate CBD companies which have the same ethos that drove the success of craft beer companies in the UK.

In an interview with Proactive Investors Limited, Patrick Morton, chief executive of Supreme Heights, said:

“I think the craft beer industry is a good analogy. The over-arching theme is authenticity. We want to find people who are doing this for the right reasons, who share similar values of sustainability, innovation and community.”

Perhaps the most notable success story of the craft beer industry is BrewDog. The brand leapt to success after starting out as a crowdfunded Scottish brewer. It now has independent bars, which serve a huge selection of beers, throughout the whole of Europe.

The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc is a $500 million Toronto-listed seed-to-consumer business. Supreme Heights is being backed as an investment vehicle for CBD companies in the UK and Europe.

The UK CBD Industry

Despite experiencing unprecedented growth in the last few years, the UK CBD industry still faces many obstacles. A lack of clarity over regulations and quality standards have resulted in some products have been found to be below the expected standard. This has draw the attention of many organisations and public bodies, who have called for an increase in regulations.

The investment vehicle wants to identify companies that have an authentic, quality product to stand the test of increased regulation. Morton believes that over the next 12-18 months, the UK will begin to increase regulations and quality standards of the CBD industry.

In the interview with Proactive Investors, Morton also claimed that the UK will probably follow Canada into legalisation of Cannabis in the future. Canada legalised Cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use in 2018. The UK’s CBD industry is often seen to be the first step to medicinal cannabis legalisation in the country.

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