The First CBD Snack Bar in the UK Gets Two New Flavours

31st July 2019

Nooro, a UK-based company who has been formulating vegan, organic CBD snack bars since last year, brought out it’s (and the UK’s) first CBD snack bar in April this year. Yesterday, Nooro launched two new flavours that will soon be available to buy online.

The snack bars are made from completely vegan and organic ingredients, along with 25mg of CBD. The first flavour, which was released earlier year, was Honey and Ginger. The original has now been followed by Coconut and Cacao, and Banana and Cinnamon.

Alongside the staple CBD, the Honey and Ginger bar contains Maca and Gingko – plant-based nootropics, which promote cognitive function. Oats, peanut butter, chicory root fibre, ginger, cacao nibs, apricot and lemon are also packed into the 45g bar.

Source: nooro

The full ingredient list of the new addition flavours have not yet been released. However, they also contain the nootropics Maca and Gingco.

Nooro claim that the dosage in their bars is the perfect “daily dose of CBD” for most people. The bar is designed to promote calmness, decrease stress and anxiety. Like everything CBD, the company are unable to make any medical claims about the product, but nooro is marketed as “clarity, balance and focus in a raw, vegan, CBD, oat snack bar.”

Yesterday saw the launch of the new products, but they are yet to go on sale on their online store and Planer Organic – who have been stocking their Lemon and Ginger bar since April.

The bars retail at £2.95 per 45g bar, or 3 for £7.50 at

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