The Top Ten CBD Oils in the UK According to Handpicked CBD

8th April 2021

CBD is fast becoming the UK’s most popular health product. It’s estimated 1.3 million people are now using it on a regular basis. And 6 million people have tried it for the first time in the last year. But, with so many CBD oil brands now available in the UK, it’s very difficult for newcomers to know which is right for them.

To help you decide, our team has put together this list of the best CBD oil available in the UK. So, if you’re looking to buy CBD oil, take a few minutes and have a quick read of this list first.

Why this list is the best :

  • First, it’s not paid for! None of the brands in our “Best CBD Oil UK” list has paid to be there (unlike some of the other CBD lists you’ll find online ????).
  • It’s based on real data. Handpicked is the UK’s leading CBD marketplace. As such, we can see exactly what CBD oil customers are buying and enjoying.
  • We’re CBD oil experts. We’re contacted by new CBD brands every day, all trying to get their products listed on Handpicked CBD. That puts us in the fortunate position to test a wide range of CBD oils! It also means our team has become pretty good at spotting the good, bad, and ugly.


London-based Love Hemp has established itself as a leader in the UK CBD industry.

From small beginnings in 2015, Love Hemp CBD is now across the UK at the likes of Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury’s.

The team at Love Hemp source their CBD from North America’s largest hemp extraction company whose hemp is grown outdoors in the Colorado sunshine, without the use of any chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or genetically modified products.

Love Hemp CBD Oil Flavours

Love Hemp then excels with its in-house manufacturing process. Producing a wide range of products, including CBD OilCBD capsulesCBD balmCBD gummies and even CBD chocolate!

In fact, Love Hemp’s manufacturing process is so good that lots of other CBD brands actually source their CBD oil from them!

Love Hemp CBD Oils are all broad-spectrum. This means they contain a broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. With the exception that all THC is completely removed.

The Love Hemp CBD oil range starts from very low strength at 300mg CBD all the way to 6000mg. With their 1200mg CBD oil most popular when it comes to sales on Handpicked.

Another big benefit of Love Hemp’s CBD oil is the great flavour selection to choose from. Each oil is available in Peppermint, Orange and Wild Cherry flavours. So there’s no more need to worry about the poor taste of CBD!

Love Hemp’s oils are definitely some of the best we’ve tasted (and we’ve tasted a lot!).


Provacan is the flagship CBD brand of cannabis research powerhouse CiiTECH. Who work alongside Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem (aka the global leader in cannabis R&D ????).

It’s no wonder then, that Provacan delivers the very best quality CBD oils.

Provacan 24% 2400mg CBD Oil

Provacan CBD oil originates from organically certified hemp farms in Europe. The CBD is extracted using hi-tech CO2 machinery. And all manufacturing is done in the EU in GMP compliant facilities.

On Handpicked CBD we stock Provacan CBD oil in 3 strengths: 600mg (6%), 1200mg (12%) and the limited edition 2400mg (24%).

Provacan’s 600mg CBD oil is a great low-to-medium strength starter oil for newcomers to CBD. Their 2400mg high strength CBD oil is a great choice for people needing a strong CBD oil dosage.

But our pick of the bunch is the Provacan 1200mg CBD Oil. With a guaranteed minimum of 1200mg of CBD in every 10ml bottle.

Add to that: All Provacan CBD oils are full-spectrum products. Meaning they contain more than CBD. Instead, they contain a full blend of active phytocannabinoids from hemp, including CBDv, CBG, and CBDa.

In fact: Provacan guarantees a total cannabinoid content of 1,460mg in every bottle of Provacan 12% CBD oil. So that’s 260mg of extra cannabinoids to boost the entourage effect.


CBD Brothers is a small, dedicated and family-run business that’s passionate about the benefit of cannabis. They’ve been delivering ethically grown, full-spectrum CBD oil since 2014. All from their headquarters in Guernsey.

CBD Brothers Gold Edition

Interestingly, CBD Brothers do things a little differently to the rest of the UK CBD market:

Instead of categorising their CBD oil by strength alone, they’ve created CBD oil ‘Editions’. With each Edition representing the strain and cultivation method of the source plant.

Their Gold Edition CBD Oil is double special in that it’s made in two steps. First, the full spectrum of cannabis compounds is extracted from a Cannabis Sativa dominant hybrid plant. They’re then combined with a hand pressed Cannabis Indica rosin.

The resulting extract is then added to hemp seed oil to make a terrific full-spectrum CBD oil. Whose popularity continues to rise on Handpicked and amongst CBD users across the UK.

Although we should add, all the CBD oils from CBD Brothers are top-notch, so it’s very difficult to select a winner. And the company itself has an excellent ethos to match.


Beliebis UK has become known for producing high quality, great value CBD products. The founder of this family-run, Devon-based company discovered the benefits of CBD oil after suffering a life-changing injury in 2018.

Having found the CBD market at the time confusing and overpriced, Beliebis was established and set out to improve people’s CBD experience.

Beliebis CBD Oil

With an ethos based on clarity, integrity and sourcing direct from a British-owned farm in the EU. Beliebis promise to produce only the very best, third-party tested CBD products, always at a fair price.

Beliebis’ CBD products are incredibly popular on Handpicked CBD. With customers returning for repeat orders on a regular basis.

Their CBD oils are broad-spectrum, CO2 extracted, have an authentic taste and are brilliantly simple & effective. We especially love the mini-lab report that comes with each bottle – excellent touch! ????

Beliebis UK CBD Oil is available in two CBD strengths 5.4% and 10.8%, with each of those strengths having a small (10ml) and large (30ml) option.

The 30ml 10.8% CBD oil from Beliebis packs 3000mg of CBD as well as a range of other cannabinoids like CBDA and CBDV. All blended with high-quality MCT oil.

And at £99.99 it’s brilliant value too!


Pure Sport CBD is the creation of two professional South African rugby players.

After years of playing rugby, the two of them were using lots of man-made recovery solutions, like painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines, to help with injuries and muscle recovery. Unfortunately, the side effects of those man-made recovery solutions were beginning to take their toll.

Pure Sport CBD Oil New Range

On seeing NFL and MMA stars talking about the recovery benefits of CBD oil, the two of them gave it a try and were impressed by the positive impact. Yet, as professional athletes, they were cautious about the risk of CBD oil containing THC.

So: They set about on a worldwide journey to source CBD products that contained zero THC. At first, it was simply for personal use. But after meeting an impressive US cultivator and manufacturer, they decided to formulate their own product. Alas, Pure Sport CBD was born.

Pure Sport’s CBD oil range is broad-spectrum and is batch tested by the Olympic standard supplement certification (BSCG). Which shows it is completely safe for athletes to use.

In fact, all Pure Sport CBD products go through a rigid testing protocol. It involves two separate third-party companies testing every batch to guarantee 0% THC.

Pure Sport CBD oil starts at 1000mg per 30ml bottle and goes up to 3000mg (10%). It’s made from all-natural ingredients, carried in MCT oil and is GMO-Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo and Vegan friendly.

Add to that: Pure Sport recently brought three new CBD oil products to the UK market with their Wellness Club range. (Boost, Clarity & Unwind). Each combines Pure Sports’ leading CBD oil formulation with powerful nootropics.


OTO is fast becoming one of the best selling brands on Handpicked CBD.

OTO CBD Sleep Drops

The quality of OTO’s CBD skincare range is second to none. And they’ve hit another home run with their “Sleep Drops” CBD oil. Which is formulated to maximise CBD’s sleep support properties.

Founded in the UK, OTO started as a group of talented friends passionate about the power of CBD. Since then, they’ve created a premium and beautiful CBD brand whose products are found at the likes of Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

OTO’s mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products that fit into their daily lives.

OTO’s CBD Oil Sleep Drops contain 1500mg of CBD. As well as a complementary blend of botanicals like lavender and butterfly pea flower. All hand-selected to help you wind down, relax and better prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep.

We love that OTO’s CBD oil bottle delivers an exact and effective dose of 50mg of CBD at the simple push of a button. This makes dosing super easy.

OTO’s one-of-a-kind CBD oil also provides a refreshing taste of mint, making it tasty and enjoyable to use.


fourfivecbd is the second brand in our UK Best CBD Oil list to focus on CBD products for the athletes among us.

Founded by International rugby stars George Kruis (England) and Dominic Day (Wales). The team at fourfivecbd have created a range of CBD oils, muscle rubs, joint gels and capsules that are pro-level quality. You only need to glance at fourfive’s insta profile to see the host of professional athletes that rave about their CBD products.

fourfivecbd CBD range

With a combined 25 years of rugby experience, and an inside perspective of what it’s like to lead a life of rigorous physical training. George & Dom have a true respect for the human body and its limits.

Years of injuries pushed them to explore a more natural and sustainable way to manage recovery. That led them to CBD. And soon after, the creation of fourfivecbd.

Fun Fact: In their rugby careers George & Dom both played in the Lock position. Guess what numbers Locks wear?… Yep, four and five! ????

fourfive’s flagship CBD oil is broad spectrum with 0% THC. It’s available as a spray to make dosing easier and comes in three strengths:

  • Low: 500mg CBD (1.6%)
  • Medium: 1,000mg CBD (3.3%)
  • High: 2,000mg CBD (6.6%)

But our fave is their new Pro CBD Oil with Vitamin D.

It’s certified by the BCSG making it perfect for professionals that get tested for drugs in their line of work. It has a refreshing peppermint flavour and combines 1000mg of CBD with 25ug / 1000iu (which is 500% RDA!) of Vitamin D3 per 1ml serving.


Vitality CBD is one of the most well known CBD brands in the UK. Their CBD oils and CBD skincare ranges are available up and down the UK at the likes of Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and Tesco.

Vitality CBD Oil Spray

Established in 2018 in the UK, Vitality has risen to the top through extensive knowledge and a commitment to the CBD industry.

Vitality CBD Oil is available in 3 strengths: 1200mg, 2400mg and 4800mg CBD, all of which come in Natural, Berry or Lemon flavour (the berry is our fave!).

Fun fact: Vitality’s 2400mg and 4800mg CBD Oils come with a dropper and a spray. Meaning they can be used as drops under your tongue or as a spray. This is a great little touch to help the customer decide which method they prefer taking their CBD!


Dragonfly CBD is one of Europe’s leading seed-to-sale CBD producers, founded in the UK in 2016 by 3 friends.

Today they boast over 1,000 acres of organically certified soil in Bulgaria. Where all their CBD is manufactured via a state of the art extraction plant and a GMP facility for production.

Dragonfly CBD oil

The team at Dragonfly CBD are passionate about the science behind CBD manufacturing. They work at the cutting edge of the industry with leading cannabinoid professors and specialists.

By controlling the growth, harvesting and extraction of the hemp plants at the source of their CBD oil products, Dragonfly CBD are one of the few brands that own the whole process from seed to shelf. Which is a massive benefit.

Dragonfly aims to raise the bar for CBD testing in Europe and the UK. All their products come with THC-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and organic accreditation.

In regards to Dragonfly’s CBD oil range, they have Narrow Spectrum CBD oils as well as Broad Spectrum CBD oils.

The narrow-spectrum CBD oil has a lighter flavour and consistency, making it ideal for new users. Dragonfly derives their narrow-spectrum CBD oil from hand-crafted Cannabis Sativa L. extract. Delivering CBD in a filtered form, with all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes reduced.

Our favourite of the Dragonfly CBD oil range though is their CBD + Vitamin D Oil.

This gem combines 500mg of super-distilled CBD with 500 micrograms of Vitamin D. All helping to maintain normal muscle, bone and immune system function.


Based in London, UK, Cannacares has its sights set on building a medical cannabis business.

Cannacares CBD Oil

Cannacares launched in 2019 with a mission to provide their active community with safe, high-quality CBD products. At reasonable prices.

Cannacares are most popular for their CBD patches. But they also offer an impressive range of CBD oil products in the UK, each with a specific focus:

Each of the Cannacares CBD oils uses a CBD isolate from one of America’s leading manufacturers. MCT oil is used as the carrier.


That brings us to the end of our Best UK CBD Oils 2021 list. We’ll be updating the list throughout 2021 to make sure it represents our opinion and data.

So, if you’re looking to buy CBD oil…

Here’s a recap of the 10 Best CBD Oils UK for 2021:

  • Love Hemp CBD Oil
  • Provacan CBD Oil
  • CBD Brothers Gold Edition CBD Oil
  • Beliebis CBD Oil
  • Pure Sport CBD Oil
  • OTO CBD Oil Sleep Drops
  • fourfivecbd CBD Oil
  • Vitality CBD Oil
  • Dragonfly CBD Oil
  • Cannacares CBD Oil

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