This Month’s Hemp and CBD Drinks Top Picks

15th November 2019

Hemp and CBD have been making a wave in the wellness world, and the popularity of these Cannabis products are now flooding the beverages industry. There seem to be more Hemp and CBD drinks products popping up every week here in the UK – so we’ve put together a list of our top picks…

Pollen CBD Drink Drops

First up on our list of top CBD and Hemp drinks is Pollen. This new company only launched this month, but it’s products are certainly out to make a splash in the luxury CBD market. Pollen’s CBD Drink Drops are a particularly interesting product, giving customers the option to carry 50 servings of CBD refreshment around in a conveniently sized (and stylish) 100ml bottle.

Pollen’s Drink Drops can be added to any drink of your choice, whether to give a tasty kick to water or a smoothie. Each 2ml serving delivers a punch of broad-spectrum CBD, in flavours vanilla and honey; mixed berry; and grapefruit and raspberry.

Pollen CBD Drink Drops

Source: PollenPollen CBD Drink Drops come in three strengths 10mg (Powerbank) – £55, 20mg (No Pressure) – £85, and 30mg (Soothe You) – £135

Hello CBD Fruit Drinks

It can be difficult to incorporate CBD into a beverage without the grassy, and sometimes unpleasant ‘CBD flavour’. However, HelloCBD fruit drinks manage to do just that. The use of water-soluble cannabidiol in this product is extremely effective, leaving no trace whatsoever on the tastebuds.

Instead, you get a delicious fruity taste, in three different flavours: Açaí Berry; Lemon & Lime; and Tropical. Each 330ml bottle packs a punch of 15mg.

HelloCBD Fruit Drinks Hemp and CBD drinks
Source: HelloCBD

Each bottle of HelloCBD fruit drink retails at £3.49

The Hashtag Company’s CannaCoffee

Finally on our list of top Hemp and CBD drinks is CannaCoffee – an environmentally-conscious, sustainable, and hemp-infused caffeine kick. The Hashtag Company wants to promote all the benefits of the hemp plant, through the development of their CannaCoffee products.

Aiming for a sustainable business model, and using hemp go hand in hand, as the plant has a huge array of environmental properties. The Hashtag Company also uses biodegradable coffee capsule, made from 100% bio-bassed materials! so, drink away without the guilt of using single-use plastics!

The Hashtag Company's CannaCoffee Hemp and CBD drinks
Source: The Hashtag Company

CannaCoffee is fresh from winning the award for ‘Best Hot Beverage’ at the 2019 World Beverage Innovation Awards. The product comes in three flavours: Original, Vanilla, and Caramel.

Moreover, their packs of coffee begin at £6.99, so what’s your excuse not to try it?


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