Tinctures // Canex Awards 2020

29th December 2020

2020 has seen CBD companies really upping their game when it comes to tinctures. If mixed with the right carrier oil, the body absorbs the CBD extremely quickly and it’s really a no-fuss way to take CBD.

If you tried CBD Tinctures back when they first started hitting the market, you will remember how truly awful they tasted. Thankfully things have progressed ten fold and we don’t have to endure the bitter olive oil taste any longer.

Bronze // Cubid Peppermint Oil Drops

The Cubid peppermint oil drops were the first one we got to try in a long time that used MCT oil as the carrier for the CBD and not only does it speed up absorption, it has a light, almost watery texture which makes it a pleasure to take.

The peppermint flavour is one of our favourites and we find it really calming. Cubid sell this as a stand alone product or as part of the Deep Sleep Set which actually won the Silver Canex award in the Wellness category.

Silver // Janus Organics Garden Mint Oil

Sticking with the mint theme here aren’t we? Janus produced a tasty garden mint oil which the whole of Canex really loved.

Janus just screams high quality with all of their products but the Garden Mint flavour swung it for us to make it in our top three tinctures of 2020. NOM!

Gold // Love Hemp Wild Cherry Oil

If you read my recent review of Love Hemp, you will already know how much I dig it.

The Wild Cherry flavour is delicious, the branding is modern, it’s oh so easy to take and the price point is spot on.

We love you Love Hemp.

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